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So excited! The venue and band are booked and on the way to choosing a photographer. I spoke with the owner Rene from J and R Guarino and she seemed so sweet and excited about the wedding. It gave me a great feel. If anyone has used them or know of someone who has I would appreciate any advice. FI and I are going to book an appointment for next week.

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    Just a heads up, and this may not be a big deal for you (it was for us), they don't give you the rights to your pictures.  We didn't know that ahead of time.  Just an fyi :)
    Good luck!! 
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    thanks akenny. I thought she mentioned I could pay $200 for the rights, but I better double check that. I spoke to so many my head is spinning. Thanks again!
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    I met with Rene for a consultation - I was loving her work until I saw her prices. They were a bit out of my price range considering we still needed a videographer. When she mentioned she would do the video for like $1000-1500 (don't remember the exact number) we were very excited - but then she turned on the sample video and it looked like a home video I could have had my friends make. We ended up not using her. Me and FI were completely floored by the jump in starting price, which includes nothing but them showing up to take your pictures, and the next package up which actually includes edited pictures, etc (It seriously was almost a $2k jump). She also has a very strong personality - if you or FI don't like dealing with a loud person who can tend to seem a little pushy, she may not be the right fit for you. I really did like her work though - but not enough to pay her what she wanted. She is def. a sales person - left us alone in the room to "discuss" if we wanted to book on the spot and she'd throw in some free prints or something. Me and FI are the type of people who don't like to be rushed into a major decision and go home and weigh our options. For the record, she never followed-up with me and FI was convinced she had no idea who I was when we showed up for the appointment (even though she hugged me and acted like she was my best friend for years - that also made me feel a bit strange).
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    Yeah, for someone who has been doing this since 1985 I would of expected a little more from their website.
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    I can't comment on the photography, but we met with Rene for a videographer. I agree with the comments above. The video was absolutely horrible...looked like something out of the 1980s! I was shocked at how outdated their technology was. While Rene was very nice, there was no way we would've paid for that video!
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    Thank you everyone! I felt a little uneasy about the video because it wasn't on the website. I guess I'll see when FI and I meet with her. Wish me luck Wink
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    Using GT Modern Creations for video--VERY inexpensive but great work has allowed us to book our favorite but pricier photographers, The Studio Photographers  Please let me know if you have any questions about either of them. 

    My DJ showed me a video too that looked like a home video--and they wanted 1500 and up!  I don't get how some people price their work...
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