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Shower Ideas- Venue any suggestions

I am a bridesmaid and live in North Jersey and was looking into ideas where I can throw a shower, it seems to make most sense to do it at a small restaurant. We don’t want to spend too much money, something nice but casual. Any suggestions?

Re: Shower Ideas- Venue any suggestions

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    What areas of North Jersey are you looking at?  What is you budget pp? 
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    Most restaurants will have a private room and a party menu.  Your best bet is to first figure out how many people you will be inviting (many will require a minimum) and how much you want to spend per person.  Then start calling restaurants and inquiring about their prices and minimum. 
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    Mine was at Banchetto Fest in Westwood, NJ. It was very nice and very reasonably priced (from what my sister-in-law told me).  I has a great time and the food was good.  I had about 40 people attend my shower and there was plenty of room for us in their private room. There is also some parking available in their lot, which is a plus since a lot of places in North Jersey haev on street parking only.
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