North Carolina

Book Club Take 2

Hey ladies,
So our first book club attempt was a flop - people couldnt come, people didn't finish the book, etc. Grace and I are trying to get things up and running to try again, maybe shooting for finishing a book around the end of January. Since TK has gotten difficult to deal with and some of us who wanted to do the book club aren't on here much anymore, we are using facebook to organize. If you want to be part of the book club, look for the group "Past and Present RDU Knottie Book Club." Clearly, this group will meet in the Raleigh, Durham area. I hope some of you will be interested! E-mail me if you have trouble finding the group jessandtwedding at gmail dot com. Also, please post on the facebook group if you have ideas for our first (err...second) book!
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