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Id just like to get a few opinions on this: Im getting married in Oct 2014. Several friends and extended family have asked where were registered. Weve only been engaged 3 months and there will be no engagement party. Bridal shower yes but not til closer to the wedding. I honestly haven't even thought about starting a registry since there's still so long til our wedding. We do not live together yet were going to start looking at places after the holidays though we do have some items for our home already. Is starting a registry this soon something we should consider doing? What did you girls do? Thanks girls!!

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    We registered 9 months before the wedding. It's still too early because a lot of items they have now will get discontinued before the wedding and it will be a pain to constantly replace them.
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    I would definitely wait till at least a year before your wedding. Since you're not having an engagement party and will not even have a bridal shower until most likely the summer of 2014 at the earliest, I'd wait till January 2014 to register. Even registering at that point you will possibly have things you chose go out of stock or be discontinued. 
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    Ive been thinking the same thing as you girls. I would definitely wait until after the holidays all wedding things are on hold til next year so I don't get over whelmed. I think I'll hold off on even considering starting one until after we have our own place some time next year when well actually need things! Thanks so much for your thoughts!!
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    People started asking me way early but that was because they didn't know what to get me for Christmas and figured they'd get me something off my registry.
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