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Krispy Kreme

So I have no internet at the beach house we are staying at so my friend and I had to grab our lap tops and head over the Krispy Kreme to get online.

I never found a dress for the pictures BUT I found an outfit in my closet that I think worked!  Here is one of the best photos from that shoot!

The beach is fab! I am having so much fun...this is our last night in town so we are headed back to drink daqs and walk on the beach and shoot fireworks!!

Have a wonderful day!

Re: Krispy Kreme

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    Wow....great pic!  Can't wait to see more when you get back!  I hope you continue to have a fabulous time!  (i'm jealous btw!)

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    Woo looks awesome! I like the color contrasts!
    I too am jealous of all you people going to the beach! . . . TAKE ME!!!
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    i miss the beach Frown i think we are going to have to skip any more trips until after our honeymoon!
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    I  am so jealous, I just got back from the beach and I miss it already.  I should just pack up my stuff and move... I was meant to be a beach bum! 

    Have fun.

    ps- love the picture, looks great!
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