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Canon n D for entrance?

Is anyone having the bridal party and themselves enter to Canon n D?  I'm using it for me but with it being such a long song and my church's aisle being so short I don't want it to never be heard.  My organist said to walk REALLY slow but I'm wondering if I should have everyone walk into it?What do you think? Does it take away from the bride entrance if the music doesn't change and would it sound funny?

Re: Canon n D for entrance?

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    I personally want the music to change when I walk down the aisle.  I am walking to Canon in D as well but I am having an outdoor ceremony so I have a much longer walk.  You could always have the music start playing, then open up the doors, pause a second, and then start walking very slowly.  At least that way it would add a little bit of time (with the opening of the doors and all).  Or if you are having a flower girl, you could start the music when the flower girl starts walking and then you would follow immediately.
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    I'm a church organist, and Canon in D is a very popular choice with brides right now.You have a couple of options:  You can use it for the entire party, and just have the organist put in a "grand pause" after your MOH is in.  After the pause, when the organist starts to play again, you come in.  That will differentiate a little bit between the WP and you.OR, Canon has a couple of very distinct sections.  If you prefer one section over the other, just have your organist play the section you prefer to walk to.  It's actually very easy to more from the intro to either of the two main sections.  GL
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I have a meeting with my organist today so I'll see what he says
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    It will be fine. The organist will know to "swell" the music for your entrance, and fade it out ast you reach the altar. If you have only one or two attendants, then you add some pauses and stretch it out. If you have more than 4 or 5 attendants, then you might need them to keep moving. Plus, the BMS can pause slightly before proceeding down the aisle, and pause briefly in the middle for a photo. Have each of them wait for the previous BM to reach the altar before she starts. Then when it's your turn, step into the aisle and pause briefly (5-10 seconds), giving everyone time to stand, time for the organist to adjust the music, and then proceed slowly down the aisle, pausing in the middle for a photo. Even with a short aisle, it should work out about right. Take a CD player with you, and practice your pauses and timing.
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    I am having my grandmothers seated but I really want Canon n D for me b/c that's the song I always imagined walking into.I'm gonna talk to my organist about  do what the PP said and have the music start, then the doors open, there be a pause and then a slow walk down.
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    If you don't have a lot of BMs and since you said your aisle is pretty short, there is a part around the 2 minute mark (a little before) where there's the perfect place to close the church doors and have them open back up and have a longish pause for you to just stand there before you walk down the aisle HTH!
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