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Im married-2 reviews and guest pics!

Thank you to everyone for your help with my wedding! I am very fortunate that it went off perfectly in the wake of Hurricane Sandy!

2 quick reviews of the most amazing vendors

Donna at AMazing Faces and Luscious Locks- A+++++++++
 Donna is the most professional and caring hair/makeup artist! She helped me with my extensions, waxing, hair color, and made my hair and makeup look FLAWLESs on my wedding day. I cant say enough nice things about her. One thing, I did not care for her assisstant Tammy. SO try to get another assistant if you work with her.

Tyson Trish Photography- A+++++++++

I am a self-admitted photo freak, so I inteviewed a million photographers. If you want a photojournalistic photographer, no one is better than Tyson. He did the formal photos wonderfully too, but he goes above and beyond for special photos that capture the heart of the day. He was with me from 12-1030 and I KNOW he captured every second of my special day. He made sure to get all the many photos I listed from my must take photos, and came up with great ones of his own!

Here are some guest pics!

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Re: Im married-2 reviews and guest pics!

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