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OOT Bags

I was at Christmas Tree Shop today and I found these cute bags. I have seen them before and they were $1.99. I probably need over 30 of them so I figured that was too much to spend. They were on sale today for 99 cents! I bought every one they had. 44 in all. I get up to pay for them and find out that they are 50% off. So I got them for 50 cents! Can't beat that! 

Here are some pics:


And another...
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Re: OOT Bags

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    LOVE them!
    They are adorable ~ and how great they are reusable!
    Awesome find!
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    Awesome! Now you're just toying with us that you got such a great deal and bought the store out! Just kidding- I love getting great deals.
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    LOVE these!!! great job!
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    great bags and i love that store!
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    how exciting! i love finding great things and getting an awesome deal!
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    great deal - which location did you buy out?
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    Dont u just love a Bargain!  hehe
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    [QUOTE]great deal - which location did you buy out?
    Posted by njpabzy[/QUOTE]

    <div>I am actually in Boston so there still may be some available in NJ!</div>
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    ahhh i need to goo now asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    those are such a great steal! thanks for giving me an idea of where to look!!! love them
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    how lucky are you?! great find!
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    They are super cute! What a great find!
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    awesome, awesome find!  Congrats! 
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    I love those!  I actually picked them up for my BM gifts!  Except when I got them, they weren't the awesome price you paid..although, since I didn't need that many, $1.99 was a deal!
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