North Carolina

Having a wedding in Dec of 2011 or Jan 2012?

First, I want to maintain complete professionalism, and my intent in no capacity is to "spam" this board. I will not identify my company and in no way want to violate the terms of the board (I hate message board spammers).

I do hope it is ok to post this here.

I come here hoping to find a couple of weddings coming up in late December or early January in NC (prefer Triangle area, but will travel within NC) that may be in need of a videographer (for free). I have a very extensive background in broadcast television production and I have a unique concept I am launching in 2012 for wedding videography.  I am looking for a couple weddings that would like to have an absolutely free production in exchange for allowing me the opportunity to use in a portfolio showing this very unique concept.

If you are interested, please send me a private message... I'll tell you more about me, my experience and the video concept. Again, I am not selling anything, just looking for someone that would be willing to allow me to produce a wedding video (which you'll receive the final DVD of) in exchange for use in my portfolio.

My sincere thanks!
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