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Has anyone heard of Connie Riemer florist.  I hear she is fantastic.  Very passionate about her work and easy to work with

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    How are her prices?
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    I met with Connie awhile back.  She is super sweet and definitely knows her flowers.  She made a lot of fantastic suggestions too.  However, her prices were just too much.  In fact, she never even asked me my budget.  She eventually was willing to work with me but not without calling me non-stop (literally 9 times in one day).  I think that just turned me off and I ended up going with another vendor (AW).
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    I actually have an appointment with AW this week!  Glad to see someone  else using AW.  How is your experience so far?
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    Im using AW .. So far Adam has been a pleasure to work with even when I've called and made some changes. I gave him my budget and he came in under it
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    [QUOTE]How are her prices?
    Posted by RMMJS[/QUOTE]

    Her pricing is great.  She will work with your budget.  I hear she is very responsive to your needs and she will stay on top of your schedule by calling or emailing and keeping in touch with you which many vendors seem to let that go. Call her she is fantastic.Her phone is 973-445-0036 she works in the Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange
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