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Losing Focus...

Wedding is on Friday. That is just 3 days away. And for some reason i thought it was a GOOD idea to come to work. I cannot focus. I get to work and yes, i'm here physically. But mentally i think i've checked out!!!

Re: Losing Focus...

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    YAY!! Almost there!  Are you taking the rest of the week off??
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    girl, i feel you! i had to make today my last day because i haven't been focusing since the start of september! HAHAH. i know i'll be no good here the rest of this week so it's better for everyone that i take time off!

    it's almost here though!! :)

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    I'm working tomorrow as well, but taking a long lunch to pickup the dresses and get my ring cleaned.

    I cannot believe how fast time has flown. Now its just about here! And the weather looks PHENOMENAL for Friday as well! I can't wait!
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