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Are wedding dresses negotiable?

When looking at wedding venues we were able to negotiate the price down.  Do wedding dress shops let you negotiate? 
If so, which shops/boutiques in Bergen/Hudson/Essex/Passaic counties let you negotiate.


Re: Are wedding dresses negotiable?

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    I don't know of any bridal boutiques where prices on wedding dresses is negotiable. Maybe look into a consignment shop or online websites that sell used dresses if you're looking for a bargain. 
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    Not that I know of, but some stores offer cheaper prices on the same dresses that you'd find elsewhere and some stores won't charge for alterations.  You just have to search around.
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    I got my dress at Castle Couture in Marlboro.  I was shopping around for pricing on the dress I knew I wanted.  I went there and told them how much I was getting quoted for the dress other places, and they beat that price by $400, plus they threw in a free veil and some other things (like adding buttons to cover the zipper & adding straps to the dress for free).  I know that the dress actually has a much higher price tag there than what I paid, because I saw it when I tried the dress on there.  

    So yes, I think that you can "negotiate" the price of a dress, or find out the price at other places and see if somewhere else will beat it.  I'm sure many places inflate the price of the dresses and can still make a profit while selling it to you at a lower cost.  With how much weddings cost (and my FI and I paying for the whole thing ourselves), I was not shy about asking for a lower price on many things, and the worst they can say is no!  Hope that helps, good luck! :) 
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    I got a sample dress and the owner took 30% off, but I think a discount is standard in any bridal shop when you buy off the rack.
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    I wasnt able to negotiate the dress price but isnce I got all my BMs dresses there and MOB dress there, the salon threw in a free veil.
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    Some shops I visited offered the trunk show discount even if there wasn't one. You should definitely ask if any promotions are coming up. They arent going to walk a sale. And if you have time, you can always wait. I found my dress at the Priscilla of Boston salon in Short Hills, and my consultant called whenn they were running promos. I waited several weeks and got my dress for 25% off. Good luck!
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    In life- everything is a negotiation! Wedding dress included :o) I negotiated $800 off my dress and got them to include my slip for free. You just have to weigh out what's most important when negotiating. If they won't drop the dress cost enough , then start asking them to throw things in like a veil, slip, bustle, alterations etc. You'll find that vendors are much more willing to negotiate due to the economic climate we are currently in. Rule of thumb: don't negotiate until you're ready to play ball.
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  • JerseyMLJerseyML member
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    I went to Kleinfeld and we "negotiated' a price.  They took their normal 12.5% off the dress and 15-17% off accessories and then we had them narrow the price about 115 bucks more to make it an even number everyone was happy with.  But I would not have dared to wheel and deal them. 
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    I did not negotiate the price of my dress. I thought the price of my dress was cheap, considreing I still had $600 more budgeted to spend on it. After the dress, veil, and tiara I still cam ein $200 under my budget. However, when I went to Hollywood Bridal they were trying to talk me into buying a $3,600 dress which was almost twice my budget and not even my style - and since the dress was on th ehigher side they said they would take a couple hundred off the price. I ended up leaving there, going to Russell's in Linden and finding my dream dress for $1,400. Alterations and bustle are also included in my price, so I felt I got a very good deal. I think if you're looking for a very expensive dress it's more likely you can get them to come down a bit...but if you're already looking in the $2k or less range it's going to be harder. There was another dress at Hollywood that was like $1,600 and they would not discount that one...only the really expensive one.
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  • maddie7maddie7 member
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    I second the person who said Russells in Linden, you cant beat their deals. I called them from another salon and they beat their price by over $500.  I went with Russells. All around great service and prices.
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