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Best wedding dress shop in Morris County?

Hi all,
Looking for some recommendations on dress shops in Morris County. I would ideally like a wide variety in terms of styles and cost. Any help would be great, thanks!!

Re: Best wedding dress shop in Morris County?

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    I do, I do in Morristown.  I really liked it there.  The store was cute, they had a ton of dresses in different ranges and the staff was helpful.  I ended up getting my dress elsewhere, but I would recommend them.

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    I love I Do I Do in Morristown and highly recommend that you go there to look for your dress! I had such a wonderful experience there. The shop owners and their sales staff are great! They did not show me anything outside of my budget and allow you to take photos. They also email you photos of you in your favorite dresses. I felt no pressure on my first trip there. I ended up going back a week later after and ordering my dress. It comes in July and I'm so excited!
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    Elizabeth Johns in Morristown
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    I second elizabeth johns in morristown. I had an amazing experience there, including cookies and champagne :) Pretty much what you dream your bridal dress shopping will be like.
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    I don't remember the name of it but the people at the salon in Denville were nice.

    If you are willing to come to Sussex County your choices include

    Chrissy O in Newton

    Enelda's in Sparta

    Sew & Sew In Lafayette

    & Liz Clinton in Andover which is the most high end of the shops. 

    The others have very reasonable prices.   
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    I loved Chrissy O's Bridal in Newton.
    I found my dress there!!

    LOVE IT!
    I also went to the wedding store in Andover but I loved Chrissy O's!
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    I third Elizabeth Johns in Morristown!! I had such an awesome experience there
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