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Kids table

I thought I posted this yesterday but now I don't see it so either my phone messed it up or the knot ate it or I am blind. Anyways, we are having a seperate kids table with my cousins and neices and nephews aged 612. Should I do a regular centerpiece with flowers and candels or something like a cake pop display? Or something else fun? I don't want it to look too cheesy, but just thinking cancels and a bunch of kids may not be great? They are all pretty mature I have sat the younger less mature ones with their parents, but still who knows how they will act after endless sodas? Anyone have a kids table or have any cute ideas?? Thanks!
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Re: Kids table

  • I'm not having a kids table (not quite enough little kids to fill it), but I am thinking of providing different favors for them (crayons, puzzle books, maybe a toy for the really little kids).  You could do butcher paper over the whole table and let them go to town with crayons.  Also, you could put the favors in a basket as a centerpiece.
  • We're not having a kids table, but thought about doing what Karen suggested w/ crayons & puzzle books.  Turns out we'll only have 2 kids that would be interested in that stuff so not really a nessesity.  I love the cakepop centerpiece idea...


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  • I'm having a kids table and we're making a fun centerpiece for their table too. I named all my tables instead of numbers, so their table is 'Laughter.' I bought a wooden crate, letters and dowels. We'll paint the letters different colors and glue crayons all around the crate and have colored tissue paper sticking out. I also bought gable boxes (look like munckin boxes) with crayons on them and will fill them with various DJ type handouts and other fun stuff. I also plan to have the table be covered in butcher paper so they can draw while they are sitting there.
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  • Thanks for the great ideas! We have some of those boxes for the hotel guests so maybe I can do it for the kids with fun stuff in it.
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  • I like the cake pop idea!
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    We have a lot of kids coming to the reception so I actually am having a play room just off the main hall. We'll have a movie and different activities they can do I'm planning on having a couple neighborhood girls "babysit" everyone. Parents won't have to send their kids in there but I think it'll be a nice option.

    I am having a table in there but I decided against a centerpiece and just have a fun table cloth since they aren't in the same room as everyone else and all under 8.  If you think the kids are mature enough I would just do a similar centerpiece to the other tables, you'll want it to be something low though because they may not be able to see over it otherwise.  I think the cake pops are a cute idea, but if they were my kids I'd be worried they'd end up eating all cake instead of their dinner. 

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  • We are having a kids table with vases filled with candy and little buckets for them to fill up with. We also have the bride groom Lego favors for them to put together and other little things like coloring books nd such to keep them busy.
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