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What do you think of these sandals?

Just in case my heels start to hurt, I want a back up pair of sandals for my ivory you have any favorites?

Re: What do you think of these sandals?

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    With a wedding dress, the second to last probably because they're the fanciest.  But how high are your heels?  I'd highly recommend finding very comfortable heels instead.  I switched from 3.5" heels to 2" wedges for cocktail hour (in grass -- stilettos wouldn't have worked) and my dress dragged on the ground and you can tell in pictures that it is too long.  With flats that are so low to the ground, it will be even more obvious.  Just a thought...
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    Agree with uppereast completely!
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    I also agree with PPer's. If you really want to switch to sandals, my vote is the last pair. But like Uppereast said, I would look into comfier heels/wedges.
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    Yup, I was concerned with the height difference as well.  I'll have to think about this a little more, thanks!
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