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Hi. I am starting to plan my destination wedding. I don't know where I want to go I just know I want it overseas. It's going to be just me and my fiance. Something small. I want it to be with tradition to which ever county I end up. Does anyone have any ideas of a country/resort/website that might help me to find what I'm looking for?I found a resort in Fiji that seems perfect, but didn't know if there was something in Europe that someone might know about.THanks

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    If you do something out of the US, make sure you can meet all the criteria for a legal ceremony.  For example, in Scotland the couple must apply for the marriage license in person at least 3 weeks before the ceremony, and there's no guarantee that it will be ready if you only give it three weeks.  We could have hired proxies for us to apply for the license, but at the time that would have added another 1200 fee to the entire wedding.  Many brides do a quick, civil ceremony here, then their big ole throwdown in another country due to all the red tape. 
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