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The Rockleigh - two events at once a problem?

Hi all.  My fiancee and I have been looking at North Jersey venues and so far really like The Rockleigh and the Estate at Florentine Gardens.  I think I might like The Rockleigh (Bristol Room) better, and it is slightly cheaper, but am a little concerned that they host two receptions at once.  I would be THRILLED if anyone has any thoughts on this, especially if you had or are having your wedding there.  Any other insight about the venues generally would also be much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.  Hope you are having a lovely day!

Re: The Rockleigh - two events at once a problem?

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    Really? Two months ago I went to see the place, I reallly like it and they told us they only host one event at the time. 
    Are you sure they host two events at the same time?
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    Hi :) I just booked my wedding there for 2013.  Yes, they have two weddings in one day but you're on opposite sides of the building which is very big.  Separate bathrooms, entrances, suites, etc. I also looked at Florentine Gardens but I personally didn't like it very much.  One reason being.... since  my wedding will only have 125 people, they told me I cannot  have a Vienesse hour :( Also, I didn't love the interior design/decor/architecture of Florentine Gardens in comparison to Rockleigh.  As for prices, however, my fiance and I did some math & counting the service fee of 22%, 7% taxes, $1500 if getting LED uplighting from them, $1750 outdoor ceremony fee or $750 indoor ceremony fee, extra $10/pp if you want seafood bar AND sushi because they only give you one....with $145/ starts to add up.  It is expensive, more than we wanted/expected to pay but we love it & Bari has been fantastic so far.  
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    I just went to a wedding there in June. There were two weddings there but as a guest you'd never know because everything was completely separate. The only reason we knew was when you pulled in you had to clarify which wedding you were attending so you could pull into the correct entrance.
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    I have been to the Rockleigh 3 separate times as a guest and to the Florentine Gardens once.  Each time at the Rockleigh there were events happening in each room.  Aside from when guests are outside, you don't ever really notice that there are two events going on at once.

    I personally thought that the food at the Rockleigh was better than FG.  Two pieces of advice from a guest if you decide to go with the Rockleigh:
    1. Don't skimp on options during cocktail hour - one of the weddings I went to knocked a bunch of stations off of the cocktail hour to reduce her was noticeable.  Their cocktail hour is pretty solid, so I'd make the most of it.

    2. If your guest list comes close to hitting the max number in the smaller room (sorry, don't know what the names of the rooms are at the Rockleigh), upgrade to the bigger room.  A close friend was about 25 people from hitting the "max" in the smaller room and the room was TOOOOOOOO congested. 
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    Thank you so much for your input! We decided on the Rockleigh. :)
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    How did you like The Rockleigh, and was their a minimum?
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    We booked our wedding at the Florentine as we are true believers of one wedding at a time.  You have to think of the entire experience.  Were going to be the ONLY couple in the building.  The people answering the phone, to the valet, to the doorman, ALL know what wedding to send my guests to.

    I also did the research on the chefs.  Our chef is VERY well known in Bergen county and comes from a fine dining background.  Weve heard COUNTLESS high praises on the food there.  We went for a tasting and were blown away by the quality and presentation of it.  We also heard there is NO SUCH thing as "skimping" in the cocktail room.  SOO many people said there is a TON of GOOD food there.

    I suggest going back to both and also visiting and do your research there too :)

    Best of luck and again.......we say FLORENTINE all the way!
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    I am booking my wedding at the Rockleigh for December 2014 and im completely in love!!
    Its gorgeous and i have a ton of recommendations on the place - no one would even know there are two events going on at once because the ballrooms are on two separate sides which is great.
    Wishing you all the best!

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    We were looking for the Rockleigh, opinons?
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