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Good Morning!

Good morning1 Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I had an okay one-- got a few wedding things moving (ordered invitations but still need to see the proof, and got more quotes on custom wedding bands), and some housework was done, and still a little time to relax. 

I got up early this morning to do the "30 Day Shred" for the first time, which turned into a bit of an ordeal.  Usually I get up, let the dog out, and give the dog and cat breakfast before going back upstairs to get ready.  This morning, I let the dog out, get the animals breakfast, and then turn on the video.  First, when I laid the exercise mat out, the cat thought it was for him so I had to keep pushing him off.  Second, the dog thought my little 3 pound barbells were dog toys so they ended up a bit slobbery.  Third, when I started doing jumping jacks, the dog thought that meant mom was ready to play so he picks up his ball and stands in front of me doing his play growl and shaking his head back and forth (which means, chase me its time to play), and nudging me when I ignored him.  So I had to put the dog outside and deal with him staring in at me for 20 minutes with sad puppy eyes.  Some adjustments will be needed to this routine -- but I'm going to stick with it! 

Hope everyone has a good Monday! 

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    Good morning!

    Yesterday some friends came over and they were a huge help in prepping my apartment for moving out of here!  I'm paying for it today though since I feel like I'm coming down with something :(  I'll probably head to bed early and hope I don't have to call out sick in the morning.
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    Good Morning!!

    Haha thats funny about your animals.  When I get on the treadmill, my dog barks like crazy and used to "attack" the treadmill (he would try to bite the moving part).  The shred is a great workout though. I know the first few times I did it, I felt my arms shaking afterwards.

    I feel like I laid down to sleep last night and blinked, the alarm went off. 

    Just another Manic Monday.....

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    Morning, all.  Hope you have a good Monday.
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    Morning ladies.  Beth, that DVD is a great workout, I try to do it 3 times a week and I have to put charlotte (my dog) in her crate because she thinks when I am on the floor to do the crunches it's time to lick my face and jump all over me!

    I had a busy, but fun week-end.  Went to my friends bachelorett party Saturday and then on Sunday (when my head stop pounding and I was able to think straight) I went to my parents house and hung out by the pool and had a cook out. 

    Hope everybody has a great Monday. 
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    Beth---thanks for the laugh this morning...sounds rather chaotic! 

    I hope everyone has a great start to a new week!  I'm going to work on something today....not sure what just yet....but I've got to get things going, and today's got to be the day! 

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