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Timeline for a 5pm ceremony

Hi ladies- looked back a couple pages, and couldn't find a post for this. My ceremony is at 5pm, reception is at 6. We plan on doing most pictures beforehand- other than me and FI. FI and I then plan on doing a first look, but no one else will be around. Photog is flexible on start time- I think I have her from 2-10 or something if I want. I haven't scheduled hair and makeup yet.

So, what is your timeline? Hair, makeup, putting on the dress, pics, ceremony, reception..?? LOL, i need to make my appointments soon!
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Re: Timeline for a 5pm ceremony

  • pirategal03pirategal03 member
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    Do you want your photog at the salon for hair/makeup time?  If so, then I'd book that as early as your photog is willing to be there.  If not, then I'd book your hair appointment early enough that you will be finished and can go and meet your photog at the place you'll be getting ready as soon as she's available.

    We had a morning wedding, so the times won't quite work for you, but here's a general idea of how our timeline worked, maybe you can get the intervals from this:

    7:30am - Hair appointments began at salon (2 stylists, 5 people, hair only)
    9:30am - Arrive at church, meet photog for getting-ready shots and group shots with bridal party
    10:30 am - first look, more photos
    11am - hide in the Bride's room
    11:30 am - go time. (Ceremony took 15 minutes)
    12noon - family photos and more group bridal party photos
    1pm - arrive at reception (guests ate as soon as they arrived at the reception space, we didn't have a cocktail hour so we just had them dive into the buffet, it worked really well)
    1-3:30 reception time
    3:30ish - send off/exit
    3:30-5pm - H and I and the photogs took off around town to do TTD type photos
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    3:00- 3:20pm- detail shots, bride getting into dress

    3:25- 3:45pm- you outside with bridesmaids and your parents

    3:45- 4pm pics of groom's mom pinning on boot, groom with groomsmen outside

    4:05-4:20 first look and romantic bride/groom session

    4:20- 4:30 pictures with entire wedding party

    4:30pm guests start arriving, bride must be inside 

    5pm- 5:25pm ceremony

    5:30 family formals (should take less than 15 min w/ experienced photog)

    6pm arrive at reception, first dances immediately after being announced

    6:30- 7:30 Dinner

    7:30 or 8pm- cake-cutting, toasts

    9pm bouquet/garter toss

    9:30pm exit

    a timeline that given from another NC Knottie -- I think CLTKatie =) 

    I hope this helps...

  • Beth0882Beth0882 member
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    I had my hairdresser come to us to do hair, so we were there really early (had venue all day) -- which was nice because I was able to get there at 10 am, do some setting up and relax, but our timeline went something like this (and we didn't do a first look):

    2:00 -- caterers set up linens; FI and florist set up centerpieces and cake; photographers arrive to take pics of me getting ready, the scenery, and the guys getting ready

    3:00 -- photographer gets shots of bride/bridesmaids
    3:30 -- bride goes to "hide" and photographer gets shots of groom/groomsmen
    3:45 -- DJ starts preceremony music
    4:15 -- Ceremony begins
    4:45 -- Cocktail hour begins; wedding party and family photos; bride and groom photos
    5:45 -- wedding party intro; First dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance
    6:00 -- FOB welcome speech & blessing
    6:05 -- DJ/caterer starts releasing tables for dinner; b&g eat quickly, then circulate to greet guests
    7:00 -- or when dinner winds down; best man/MOH toasts, cake cutting
    7:15 -- Dancing
    8:15 -- bouquet toss
    8:20 -- more dancing until 10:00 pm

    I think the photographer showed up about 1:30 and left at 9:30 as we weren't doing an "exit".

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