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sunday evening wedding?

We got engaged october 5, and then decided the best weekend to get married is saturday May 21st.
Of course =)  every place I called that is in our budget is of course booked for May 21st since its only 8 months away.

We both work non-traditional work hours (him being a Firefighter and I work at a Pet boarding/grooming place), so a lot of our friends dont work the m-f 8-5 either. 

We are looking for a venue for both ceremony and reception, and are thinking about the Durham Museum of Life and Science, which is available Sunday the 22nd after 6pm.

What are your thoughts on a sunday evening wedding? I am freaking out about picking a venue ASAP, but dont want to make the wrong choice.

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Re: sunday evening wedding?

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    Sunday weddings can be more budget friendly. 

    Couple things to consider:

    If it's free after 6 . . are you going to be doing dinner or appetizers?
    May and October are said to the two busiest months for weddings (at least thats what was said last year) so keep that in mind when looking for vendors.

    Are a lot of your guest local or from out of town?
    IMO If I were a local, I wouldn't mind a Sunday wedding.
    If I were from out of town. . .I might not be as thrilled about the day, but depending on work, would probably still come.  If there are a lot of out of towners and its a good distances for them, they'll probably have to take off that Monday after, so that may deter some guests.

    8 months is a good amount of time for planning, but I would suggest going ahead and looking into the bigger items. Don't sweat it too much. The right place will come along at the right time :o)

    I had almost lost hope in finding my venue when I googled a random phrase and it popped up (the sites website had also just recently been activated too).

    best wishes!
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    It would be the ceremony, cocktail hour/pictures and full dinner with the reception.
    Most guests would be local, just a few close family from out of town.
    I think they give 10% off for sundays.

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    I would def do a Sunday wedding...actually I am getting married on a Sunday in September and its saving me $3000!! I would def recommend a Sunday wedding, especially if everyone is pretty local and can go to work on Monday if they need to. We have a lot of OOT guest, but I figure they would either have to take off Friday for a Saturday really whats the difference in them taking off Monday for a Sunday wedding??  We are having a wedding at 5 with a cocktail hour and full seated dinner afterward (starting about 6pm) so I think its a great idea, especially if you are getting a discout. I would book asap, vendors book fast!! You will also be able to find your other big vendors:florist, photographer, dj, videographer etc since most people don't get married on a Sunday, plus you might get discounted rates.

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    My brother and sis-in-law got married on a Sunday in Fayetteville and it allowed for MORE people to come that may not have otherwise (May 14-16 weekend, huge mothers' day celebrations that Saturday).  Thinking of your guests, the ones who have to travel (especially if part of WP or related and would come to rehearsal dinner)... they'd have to take friday off of work for a Saturday wedding... in this case, they'll be taking Monday off of work for a Sunday wedding.  Either way it's a draw. 
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    I had my wedding on Sunday Sept 19th.  I am so happy we did it that way.  Not only was it cheaper, but it really gave us time to spend with everyone and get things ready.  Normally with saturday weddings, everyone gets in on friday, wedding saturday, leave sunday.  With our wedding, everyone came down on friday and didn't leave until monday.  It was so relaxing becuase I didn't feel rushed.  And no one had a problem with our wedding being on Sunday.

    I highly recommend it!
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    I got married 2 years ago with a Sunday evening wedding and it was perfect! Our thinknig was, people were either going to have to take Friday or Monday off from work or both as it was, and Sun worked out perfectly with family coming into town from far away!

    I think you should do what's best for you, but with Sun weddings, costs are usually lower too!

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