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name change in NJ

Just wanted to post because there seems to be some confusion about what you can change your name to in NJ via SS. 
My old name:
First: firstname
Middle: Middlename
Last: Maidenname

I went to SS today and changed my name, without any problems, to 
First: firstname
Middle: middlename maidenname
Last: Marriedname. 

Just an FYI for all you NJ girls!

Re: name change in NJ

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    mrsR12mrsR12 member
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    good to know.  when did you do this in respect to your wedding date?

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    edited June 2012
    It might depend on who you get at the office.  I didn't plan on doing that but when I was there I was talking with the lady and she siad you couldn't do that. 

    I only recently changed my name within the past month too.
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    I got married on 6/9, went to SS office on 6/28 and got my new card on 7/5.
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    Just yesterday I went to SS office - they said new card should be in my hands in a week.  I went to DMV - changed my DL & registration.  Called ins company & changed auto ins info along with calling most of my credit cards.    I am waiting for my new SS card before I change my bank accounts & medical papers - So I should be all done in another two weeks.  Most of the cc were easy about changing it over the phone, only 3 of them have forms they mail to you to fill out to finalize the name change.  So glad I didn't waste my money on the name change kit!!!
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