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Wedding Video Songs

Hi I need help with wedding video songs for both getting ready and family potraits after the ceremony.  I am so stuck on this I have delayed finishing my wedding video.  I got married May 2011!  Any suggestions would be great  Thanks

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    I used my wedding song.
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    We are using our wedding song for the video.
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    We needed four songs. We used: 1. Here There and Everywhere by The Beatles first dance 2. Hey There Delilah our song in college 3. Home by Phillip Phillips heard on the radio while searching for wedding video songs 4. We Found Love by Coldplay a cool cover of Rihanna's song
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    My Videographer actually asked for me to select the music for the video before my wedding to avoid that exact situation. This is such a hard process because I really don't know what's appropriate! I asked my videographer for advice and he said he can edit to just about any type of music and to choose a song that never gets old no matter how much we listen to it. Sadly me and my husbandtobe have very different taste in music. I saw a video on my videographers site which I thought was really cute by Neon Trees. The song never entered my mind but now I'm kinda digging it! Thoughts?
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    I want to grow old with you from the Wedding Singer movie.
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    [QUOTE]I want to grow old with you from the Wedding Singer movie.
    Posted by niolani21[/QUOTE]

    <div>That song is so cute!! </div>
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