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Cost of DJ? did you negotiate?

Hi - so this is the next big check on the list we are working on - we both  think the music is very important and am willing to compromise on things like flowers and the invitations - for a full package with the cocktail hour and reception, lighting, screens, video, etc I am hearing about $5K from Platinum - - is that reasonable, and how do I ask to pay less?  

Thank you ladies!

Re: Cost of DJ? did you negotiate?

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    I don't know how set you are on Platinum but we are going with Diamond Productions in clark. And we are getting a full package, cocktail hr,, reception, 2 plasma tv's, baby photo montage, music videos LED lights etc. for $2000. I went to one of their bridal shows & if you book & say you were wondering about the show discount that's how much it is. It's regularly $3,999, from what I hear. They also will give you a free 10 person limo. And b/c I using them for DJ & Limo they were able to give me a $2000 photography package for $850.

    Not too shabby! I've seen them at 2 weddings & watched a few of their videos n FB, I think they are awesome!
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    Music was also really important to me and a part that I  didn't want to compromise on.  I am paying 3,500 and I am getting a violinst during cocktail hour, Percussionist during the reception (5hrs), DJ, emcee, LED lighting, and monogram on the dance floor.  I choose not to get the plasma tvs because my venue has two flatscreens in the cocktail hour room that will be displaying our engagement shots.  Therefore, I didn't want to overdue it with the tvs.
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    Platinum is very good. I think that price is fine for them because I'm sure they are offering lighting, tvs, slideshows, etc. We almost went with them but went with Classie Sounds (we ended up paying towards 6k for them with all of that).  If music is very important, I would chose them and not worry about what everyone else paid.  Some girls on here I would notice would pay $1k with someone they read about or saw at a bridal showcase. I can tell you Platinum & Classie Sounds are solid and worth it.
    We went against Magic Moments who was our hall's recommended vendor for dj and lighting. Couldn't take the chance...
    If you know this is your vendor, then I wouldn't look elsewhere.
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    thanks - this really gives me a lot to think about - I appreciate the feedback!
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    We negotiated with Dash of Class.
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    3 DJ, ask for Bob, he is great and affordable! 973-887-7126
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    Hi - i have heard very good things about dash of class. can I ask you how you approached it, and about how much they were willing to go down (% wise is fine, as I don't want to appear too nosy!)
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