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North Carolina

Vendor review- not the best circumstances

This will be a different vendor review than most. My wedding didn't actually happen. My fiance called off the wedding two days before hand. So I decided to let you ladies know how our vendors handled the situation and just the whole process.

Meriah Mozingo- she was amazing to work with through out the whole situation. Made everything a breeze. When I called her with the news so was very sad for us, but at the same time gave some great wisdom. So is also giving up back half of what we paid. She has also followed up with me to see how I'm doing. I have really enjoyed working with her.

Alexander Homestead. We picked this place for multiple reasons. One being the barn reception. Another, being that it's all inclusive. We loved those things about the place. Through out the planning I was working with the same coordinator and feeling great about the whole thing. When we met for our final meeting it was a new planner. We were never told of the change. The new planner didn't know anything that I had talked to the old planner about. A lot of little things all of a sudden were thrown on my plate. When I called to let them know that the wedding was called off, she acted perky about the whole thing. I was still in shock of what just happened to me and was very irritated by the situation. They sent me an email that I had to sign saying the whole thing was off and wanted it faxed over to them right away. Through out the next couple days they called me multiple time wanting to know if i wanted to pick up my cake and flowers. I did go and get the cake and when they found that out they called me again to see if I wanted my flowers. What was I going to do with flowers?!  I still had to pay for everything with no money back to me. I asked for the food, cause I paid for it in all. They told me it wasn't made so I couldn't have it but I still had to pay for it. In other words I am not happy with them! The way the handled the whole situation was very disappointing.

Gallery of flowers: Very sweet people to work with. Not up to date with technology. Not much of email users more phone calls. I work full time and email is much easier for me. We also added flowers to our total. It took me a long time to find out how much more I was going to have to pay. She also got my order wrong a few times.

Nona's sweets: Loved these people. They were great to work with. When we were scheduled to do our initial tasting my grandfather passed away and I had to leave town. They were able to change the schedule last minute and get us in. Also, when I went to go pick up the cake they were very sweet. Didn't show me anything, comforted me when I started to cry and took everything to the car for me, didn't make me do a thing.

Sorry I know this is very long. I think I also used it as a way to vent.

Re: Vendor review- not the best circumstances

  • Im sorry for what you had to go through. Please know we're still here for you if you ever want to chat or vent :o)

    I hope the venues that aren't working with you very well right now, realize what they're doing and come to their senses.

    Best wishes in your future!
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