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Camden Aquarium Wedding?

My friend wants to do her wedding at Camden Aquarium. Its very $$$, like $165pp for a sit down meal. I kind of feel like the aquarium is a distraction to your guests. I mean shouldnt the focus be on them, not some sharks?  What are your thoughts? Anyone been to a wedding there? What was it like?

Re: Camden Aquarium Wedding?

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    Im a little biased bc I LOVE sharks and ocean life! Lol Ive never been to wedding there but have seen the set- up in the room beside the shark tank. It looked really cool!!! I dont think it's a distraction at all, but adds to the ambiance! Ive heard that the food isnt anything to write home about though and I felt like they were priced high for their venue. Im sure you'd get outstnding pictures though- between the tanks and the waterfront, you can't go wrong!
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    It wouldnt be my cup of tea. Plus its in Camden, the worst city in NJ! Make a wrong turn and you are really in trouble!
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    Indeed! We've "made a wrong turn" before when going to the aquarium and it was no treat! Lol
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    i love their set up there for weddings but it is pricey!!!!  its def a cool venue for that outside the box wedding.  some weddings are in crazy extravagant places like castles or the race track and that could also be a distraction too.  its prob worth checking out and seeing if its the place
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    A little late in replying so i don't know if you will see this. . .but we got married there last year and absolutely loved it. Yes it's not in the most desireable of locations, but we didn't have any problems.  Our guests loved everything about it and our pictures came out awesome.  I'm guessing they've raised the prices since we booked it bc we definitely did not pay that much per person. If you would like more info (or your friend) or to see pictures, PM me. 
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    [QUOTE]It wouldnt be my cup of tea. Plus its in Camden, the worst city in NJ! Make a wrong turn and you are really in trouble!
    Posted by Reilly626[/QUOTE]

    <div>I think this is a little ridiculous.  Making a wrong turn going to many venues in NJ can get you in a trouble.  Living in the town next to Camden I can attest to the fact that the area the aquarium is in has really been cleaned up and the city has done a great of posting signs almost everywhere directing where to go.  </div><div>
    </div><div>As to whether or not the it would be a good wedding venue, I just can't imagine the food being worth $165.</div>
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