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Has anyone used a Brides DJ for a North Carolina wedding recently that could provide feedback?  I put a deposit down for them recently but am having second doubts thinking I should go with Split Second Sound or ATRG or just something else but if there are good reviews I don't want to lose the deposit.

Thoughts?  They won on the knot so I'm hoping there is good feedback to ease my nerves!

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    Not to put any more doubts in your mind but I never heard of them....I went with Split Second Sound for our wedding (I interviewed ATRG but ultimately thought SSS would do a better job). SSS is fantastic and are supposed to be the best in Charlotte (Vinny is actually the DJ for the Carolina Panthers now). Vinny pulls everything together so well and I don't think my wedding would have gone over so smoothly without him. Just wanna let you know of my experience with them 
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