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Im bored in class today. What are you up to today?

After class I've got to make a 'pancake dinner' for a couple in our Life Group that just had a baby. :) Then play 'catch up' with assignments.

Hope everyone has a great day and stays safe on the roads (people can't seem to remember how to drive in the rain sometimes). Stay dry! :)
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Re: Morning!

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    I just got done driving 3 hours in the rain and people are nuts out there today. No fun. 
    I've got class in a few hours and I really should be preparing, but alas, surfing the internet is more fun!

    Hope everyone has a great day!
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    I spent my morning working out at a construction site in Chapel Hill until it starting raining so hard they stopped work. I'm covered in mud, soaked through, and am freezing my butt off. On top of that, the tires on my car were awful and I was slipping and sliding all over 40 on my drive back to Raleigh. As soon as I got off the highway, I stopped at an autoshop and had them replace my tires. Nothing like dropping a chunk of cash when you weren't planning on it! Better safe than sorry though. I knew my tires needed to be replaced but since it hasn't rained in forever, I didn't realize just how bad they were.

    I'm now sitting in my office with a space heater blasting trying to dry off and warm up. Yuck!
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