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New Bride! Hello!

I'm Jessica, tentative date is 10/12/13 (may switch to the Friday).  Getting married in Raleigh/surrounding areas.  I have no idea what my colors will be.  Just wanted to say hello!

Re: New Bride! Hello!

  • Hi! Welcome to the boards! :o)
    Also, congrats on your upcoming wedding!

    Tell us a little about yourself, like favorite hobbies, books, foods, what are you looking forward to most during planning (aside from getting married), etc. :o)

    I'm Beka, and have been married almost 2.5 years :o)
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  • Hi!
    Well I moved to Raleigh exactly one year ago today.  I run two meetup groups, go to concerts, and baseball games.  I LOVE craft beer.  I have ate and drank my way through Raleigh!  For one of my meetups I am hosting a book club monthly with a them of "I should have read it by now".  Last month, Graps of Wrath.  This month, Empire Falls.

    I am looking forward to picking a photographer and the food.  The rest, I really don't care all that much about!  Of course, I want nice things, but those are the most important to me!

    Thanks for moderating!
  • Welcome!  My fiance ate and drank his way through Raleigh, too, he went to State!  I'm a Charlotte area bride getting married this November 17.  I'm an assistant organizer for a meetup group, I love meetup!  Good luck with your planning!  It's a fun time and it goes so fast!  I've been planning for just over a year now and I can't believe that I only have 3+ months left to go already! 
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