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Hi!  I remember you posted a while back on various types/metals of mens rings.  Just starting to look for my fiance, and he is interested in some of the alternative metals.  Can you offer any advice?  What do you think of cobalt? (I tried finding your old post and can't find it now).

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    I can't find it either, (search function stinks) and it had a lot of info.  However, I found this post which has most of the info......

    I like to wear the titanium more.  It's feather light, thin, and I barely notice it is there.  I usually forget I am wearing it.  With my tungsten rings I tend to want to take it off when I turn in for the night.  I also tend to play with it a lot during the day since it's hard to forget it is there.

    The tungsten is much heavier and they tend to be thicker and "chunkier."  They also have a darker finish to them.  Titanium tends to be very bright and shiny.

    The tungsten is a tough ring, it doesn't scratch, even when doing heavy manual labor.  It always cleans up like new after a cleaning and it is my ring of choice when doing heavy yardwork,etc.  The titanium is softer.  Mine scratches from day to day wearing and I don't even wear it when doing any outside work.  This is a problem since most titanium rings are polished and not brushed.  I maintain the polished finish by using some automotive compound and a small buffing wheel on the end of my drill.  If it were not for the easy scratching, I would be sold on titanium.

    Another factor to consider is removing a ring.  Tungsten can be cracked off your finger easily in a vise.  It's a hard, brittle metal when pressure is applied.  Titanium has to be cut off using special tools that are not readily available.

    Cobalt rings are pretty new to the market.  In physical properties such as weight and scratch resistance, they seem to fall between Tungsten and Titanium.  The main difference is that they are very white in color.  The bad is that they are harder to cut off than Titanium.....scary.

    Whatever the case, try and find the best deal you can.  These metals are not expensive and tend to be marked up significantly.
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