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I was looking at your planning page and reading about your centerpieces. I love the centerpieces w/ the single cymbidium orchid stem submerged in water. I read how you said your florist is doing your centerpieces within your budget (which has been an issue for me- to DIY centerpieces or splurge on flowers) and I was wondering which centerpiece you are going w/ and approx. how much they are charging you for each one. I was considering ordering 20 stems of the cymbidiums through grower's box and then doing them myself but honestly don't want to rush around the day before. This is the look I am going for:

thanks in advance!!!

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    ooo Those look really really pretty.

    My florist actually is using Dendrobium orchids which I guess are less expensive than cymbidium. She's putting them in a tall vase cylinder and then three square small glass ones surrounding it with hydrangea in them. Candles on top of the tall vase and votives surrounding. They are about $40 each which after a little research I think is pretty reasonable. I don't want to have to run around the day of either and it's nice to know they'll be taken care of. I'm using SK Floral Expressions if you're still looking for someone. Stephanie is a sweetheart! Good luck!
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    Thanks!! I actually have someone already doing the bouquets etc. but was unsure of centerpieces when we booked him. I was trying to think of inexpensive alternatives that I could do myself, without stressing myself out too much if I had to run around the day before. $40 definitely sounds reasonable for what you're describing and yes, dendrobium orchids are cheaper than cymbidium by a LOT unfortunately. One of the pics I saw on your website was from the growersbox website and they have premaid dendrobium bouquets which i'm also considering and just having them shipped to location a few days before and then getting vases on my own. We'll see. But your flowers are lovely :)

    Thanks again!
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    A friend of mine, who is getting married in October, takes the coupon from Michaels every week and has been buying an item for her centerpeices each time. In the long run it'll save her a lot of money. You could always do that. They run a 50% off one non-sale item each week if you sign up for their email coupons.  Good luck and thank you!
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