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invitation wording...

I recently read that the words "request the honour of your presence" should be used only if you are getting married in a hosue of worship and otherwise "pleasure of your company" should be used.  I am getting married in a historical chapel that is no longer used for regular worship... which wording should I use and does it really matter that much? Thanks ladies!

Re: invitation wording...

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    Does not matter in the least.  I got married at the venue and did the honour of your presence is requested at....  Pick what you like best.
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    I don't think anyone notices....

    I have only heard the "honour" vs "honor"...."honour" being in a house of worship. Either way, I don't think anyone will notice, or care. Us brides think too much about these little things.
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    Yes, "honour" is typically used for house of worship but you could use "honor" if you want to use that phrase...request he honor of your pressence...but like pp said these days I don't think most people will notice or care.

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