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pre-ceremony/ceremony music

Just wondering what music everyone is using for preceremony and ceremony?
We love all music, but especially alternative/rock

Re: pre-ceremony/ceremony music

  • We had a string quartet, so my husband and I took advantage of that fact that anything sounds pretty when played by a string quartet.  For preceremony we let them play pretty much anything, but emphasized we wanted more popular music played.  To be honest, I really didn't care what they played because we weren't there for preceremony and most people are usually talking while waiting for the ceremony to start.  For our ceremony we incorporated everything from Guns 'n Roses to Metallica to U2, because when played by a string quartet it just sounds like really pretty music.  Our friends who recognized the music loved that we incorporated our rock & roll style into our wedding ceremony.  I'm not sure if you're having musicians or a DJ at your wedding, but if using DJ you can request a lot of stuff by the Vitamin String Quartet, which does tons of string versions of rock songs.  
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  • Ditto on Vitamin String Quartet. I don't know what they played before the bridal party arrived but the bridal party walked down the aisle to Wonderful Tonight played by the Vitamin String Quartet. I walked down the aisle to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and the recessional was Beautiful Day by U2.
  • Yup, a string quartet.  We're still figuring out what to use for the processional and recessional, but we're going to be taking their recommendations for pre-ceremony.

    If we didn't have the quartet, we probably wouldn't do any music prior to the ceremony at all.
  • We're getting married in a church, so it's all supposed to be "devotional." I haven't thought too much about it yet. I know I want Pachelbel's Canon in D (it makes FI laugh hysterically), but otherwise I'm lost.

    We have a pianist at our venue for the cocktail hour and they told us if we like anything in particular he'll learn it  Hoboken, if you're around - did you do this? Did they learn anything for you/did they already know anything you wanted? I was thinking this might be a nice way to embrace FI and my nerdiness ...
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  • For the pre-ceremony we're having them play "feels like home" by chantal kreviazuk, Marry me by train and Its your love by faith hill & tim mcgraw...Mothers are walking to Prelude in C, the BM;s are walking to somewhere over the rainbow 9(the hawaiian version)  I'm doing the traditional Bridal Chorus, The unity candle is "to make you feel my love" by bob dylan and the recessional is the traditional wedding march
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  • I am having a Spanish Guitarist.. I love the gipsy kings and its kind of an homage to my spanish decent.
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  • In Response to pre-ceremony/ceremony music:
    [QUOTE]Hey, Just wondering what music everyone is using for preceremony and ceremony? We love all music, but especially alternative/rock
    Posted by asommella[/QUOTE]

    We're trying to decide this too! I love the idea of the Vitamin String Quartet doing some of our favorite rock songs, but we can't settle on any songs in particular. Keep in touch if you want to talk music! 
  • We are going a very nontraditional route with ceremony music. We hired an acoustic guitarist and he will play "pitselah" by Elliott smith for the bridal party entrance, I will walk to "I will follow you into the dark" by death cab for cutie, and the recessional will be "blister in the sun" by violent femmes. He said he'd play similar style music for the preceremony portion.
  • So we decided to walk into the vitamin string quartet stairway to heaven and recessional to everlong by foo fighters
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