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Where do you get your hair cut?

I loved the girl that used to cut my hair because she did a great job. My mom goes to her too and always colored my mom's hair great. She recently (in the past year) opened her own salon and things have kind of gone down hill. She's ALWAYS late/running behind...not just a few minutes, we're talking an hour late. I love her and we were willing to give her another chance, but when we went for my mom's appointment on Saturday, her water was turned off!! She gave us this pretty pathetic excuse and told my mom she would call to reschedule...well it's been almost a week and she never called my mom back! Luckily, we were able to get my mom an appointment in a different place in Raleigh, but it was SUPER expensive.

So...who do you go to? Do you love them? How much does it cost? I'm pretty simple and just get my hair cut/trimmed, but I don't mind paying $45, but no more. Greensboro/High Point area would work too because that's where my mom lives.

Thanks girls! :)

Re: Where do you get your hair cut?

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