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Kamila Harris, Angela Pilat, or Jenerations for B-Pics??

After getting some more information on b-pic photographers my new favorites are Kamila Harris, Angela Pilat, and Jen from Jenerations.

I don't know which to use.  Can someone PLEASE tell me who I should use and why...   AKA-Can someone please make up my mind for me with a rational reason??

Does anyone have b-pics they wouldn't mind sharing from any of the above photographers (if you haven't shared already).

I think my biggest concern is that Kamila and Angela might be a little too funky for me... I'm looking for more of a sweet and sexy look.
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Re: Kamila Harris, Angela Pilat, or Jenerations for B-Pics??

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    Call Stacy and Lauren! They do bella donna pics - absolutely amazing! lauren did my makeup for my wedding in august and i got the bella donna pics done for my hubby for his birthday in november.  I could not have been more happy w/ them...
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    I sent you some of mine from Angela right? I feel like she really caputred sweet with the ones laying on the bed and the ones in the kitchen of me baking. I also think she captured fun in a set se did with a black and white back ground (that she brought) those reminded me a little of 1950's pin-up style.

    I'm pretty sure any photog SHOULD listen to you and your style.
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    I am torn as well.  I love the Angela pics b/c they were so arty and fun but the jenerations pics had a very sexy element that my fiance would love.  If Angela did a mix of both, I'd be all over that.
    Help :)
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