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cake tasting review

So, we went and had our Cake Tasting at A Piece of Cake in Reidsville today.  FI's mom works at the bakery, so they are giving us our cake as our gift.  Anyways, it was FABULOUS!! We couldn't decide on a flavor, so she sent us home with mini cupcakes and we will let her know what we decide.  The owner is so easy going, and very helpful! If you are getting married in or around Reidsville, I suggest checking them out! They are a fairly new bakery, but she has been doing wedding cakes for a long time as a hobby.  SHE'S GOOD :)
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Re: cake tasting review

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    Congratulations dear. It's awesome yall are getting the cake as a gift!
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    furBRAT Tess:)
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    I am using that bakery for my wedding cake! She is sooo nice! AND the cake is sooo good! Good luck!
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    I looked them up and they look great but unfortunately it's an hour away so I should try to find something closer. I just want to have the cake taken care of!!
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