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Richfield Regency Question

I know there are a bunch of reviews on this venue on the boards but I have a specific question for people that have actually had their wedding or been to a wedding at the Richfield.  My wedding will be over 100 people, but probably not 125  which is the required guarantee for the larger rooms.  The smaller cocktail room seems tiny for a party of 100. Has anyone seen a wedding of that size where the smaller rooms were used? Thanks so much everyone.

Re: Richfield Regency Question

  • Hello! We actually booked at the richfield for this year. My future MIL has been to a couple of events at this venue, and she said the food is fantastic, so she highly recommends it. She did mention she was in the smaller cocktail room for a wedding and that it felt cramped. She said that there really weren't any seats left for a wedding of about 125. I've been really researching this place as there aren't too many reviews about it. I'm still a bit nervous because we're not sure if the food and service will be up to par on our special day.
  • I booked the larger rooms for early next year.  I've heard good things from a few different people and I really love the look of the venue.  Let's hope for both of our sakes that they turn out great!
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