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Kleinfelds Sample Sale

I went this past tuesday to the annual Blowout Sample Sale at Kleinfelds in NYC, and I wanted to tell other brides- DON'T waste your time! It was organized but the dresses were filthy and torn and zippers were broken. I could not believe that people actually bought these dresses since it must cost a fortune to repair and clean them!

The sale started at 3 and I went around 12 to get a number. I was number 100. They told us to come back around 2:30 since they start calling numbers around that time. We went and got lunch and killed some time. At 3:00 my number was called and I was let inside only to wait on a long line in the lobby for another 45 minutes to 1 hour. They were filming say yes to the dress so there were camera crews and extra people creating some chaois. When I was allowed into the area were the gowns were I was dissapoiinted to see very few dresses. I would guess there were about 200-300 gowns and there were easily 300+ girls waiting to get inside! Of course the gowns were sample sale so they were mostly size 8 and 10. They had a plus size rack too (maybe 50 gowns).

You were only allowed 3 dresses to a fitting room. An attendant assisted you and one other bride. So yes you had to cram into the tiny dressing rooms with multiple people! The woman who was helping us- barbara i think was her name- was no where to be found. I had to take the dress out of the garment bag myself (with the help of my sister) and stuff it back in when I was finished. I also wound up taking my dresses that did not work back out and grabbing more. I think I spent an hour trying on gowns and I saw the lady who was supposed to be helping me once say, "omg! you look beautiful!"- the dress had an obviously huge tear in the lace right on my waist!! obviously they were trying to just make sales- so dissapointing!!!

So I just wanted to let everyone know that if you plan on takin goff work (like I did) and making a big deal about visiting one of these "GREAT" Kleinfeld sales- do not waste your time. You are so much better off going to a boutique and being treated like a real bride not a herd of animals.

Good luck !!

Re: Kleinfelds Sample Sale

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    Thank you so much for sharing! It is too early for me to get my dress, so I didn't go to this one. I was definitely thinking of doing it later on, but I won't bother now.
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    What did you expect from the sample blowout sale?  Of course you are not going to get the full-on salon experience and they are not going to be in good condition - that is why it is a sample sale.
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    I expected that they at least service you a little!!!.. it is "kleinfelds" and they were filming, so you think they would still try and uphold hold their customer service credability. Not to mention that I was trying on gowns that were still $2500 and were filthy and torn. In my mind regardless of sample sale or not you should still have 1. more than the total amount of gowns they had there 2. have some nice sales assocaites that want to help you purchase 3. have gowns that weren't in shambles!! I mean how can they sell these gowns in these conditions! I am just letting other brides know that it was a HUGE dissapointment, I wasn't going in there expecting the gown of my dreams but I definitley wasn't expecting the poor quality......
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    I'm going tomorrow, but for a regular appt! I cant wait!Smile
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    Reilly, sneak pictures if you can!!!! and post them of course!
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    Thank you for this, I am on the list for the next sample sale. I used to own a store, and after that I NEVER pay retail for anything so I'm big on sample sales. The dresses should not be as damaged as you described but they are Klienfeilds so I guess they can do it. But thank youf or this tip, I don't have time to waste!

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