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New Jersey

!!Misspelled Mother's Name on LICENSE!!

We just got our marriage license back. Have not signed or done anything to it. Of course my fiancé walked out with HIS mother's maiden name spelled wrong. They warn you to read it carefully becaus you may have to go to Trenton. But do you have to go to Trenton for just the mother's name on the license or is that only once it's issued and on the certificate? Or is it something that they can just fix at the local registrar and get a new one in a few days without the Trenton hassle?

Also, what might be the possible future repercussions if we leave it? I can't seem to find any solid specifics about this situation and there doesn't seem to be any troubles with leaving it and fixing it in the future.

Any help is SERIOUSLY appreciated.

Re: !!Misspelled Mother's Name on LICENSE!!

  • They misspelled my MIL name wrong on mine also and the town fixed it right there and issued us another one.
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  • HobokensFuryHobokensFury member
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    I don't really know. They misspelled my MIL name too but we caught it before we left so they fixed it on the spot.  Try calling them up and see what they say because they may not be able to fix it since it's left their office.

    I'm confused though- according to your profile you are getting married in May.  If you already picked up your license it's only good for 30 days so you will need to reapply anyway.
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