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Inexpensive Wedding Party Dinner

Hi all,

We're getting married in Verona (North Jersey).  I don't want to have a huge rehearsal dinner.   I'd rather just have our parents and our wedding party get together the night before the wedding.  With that said, our wedding party is a total of 20 people.  Including us, our parents, and the wedding party's dates, we'd still be looking at around 40 people I'm sure.

I don't want a fancy sit down dinner.  I'd actually love to just have a room at a pizza place and just get a bunch of pizzas and beer/wine for everyone.  Does anyone have any suggestions in the area?

Many thanks!


Re: Inexpensive Wedding Party Dinner

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    Check out Star Tavern in Orange. Their thin-crust pizza is really good.

    Ours was at The Venice in Bayonne. Same deal as you, pizza and beer (and some appetizers like wings and mozzarella sticks) with Stuffed Cupcakes for dessert.
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    I live in Verona and my suggestions are try O'Neils Bar&Restaurant on Bloomfield Avenue ~ they have a side room that can accomodate your group. Another option would be Giuseppe's on Pompton Ave in Cedar Grove - they also have a private room but I'm pretty sure it's BYOB. Both places have good food. O'Neils offers a wider selection of food / drinks & Giuseppe's is the pizza style you mentioned you wanted.  Another place to look into is Bella Gente on Bloomfield Avenue ~ I haven't ever been there personally but they also have a small area that might work for your group and I believe they are also a BYOB.   GL!


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    Thanks, ladies.  This is a big help!
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    You could also try Esposito's in Cedar Grove.

    The Verona Community Center also has some great rental space.  A friend had her rehearsal dinner there and had it catered.
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    Try a hibachi restaurant. It's really inexpensive and byob. I'm doing mine next week at one.
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