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Modern Decor Help!!

I am a modern person and therefore a modern bride.  I love clean lines, simplistic decor.  However we went to go look at the Place at somerset park and its so pretty but totally not my taste.  How can you make a "seventeenth-century-esque ballroom" into a modern looking room?

Re: Modern Decor Help!!

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    Well you can keep your flowers more modern but I would say that if you love the room then your best bet is to work with the decor rather then try to fight it!

    If you want a more modern looking venue or one w/ cleaner lines let us know and we can help.
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    Why don't you look into another venue if you did not like the look of the Palace?
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    Don't settle on The Palace if it doesn't have the look you want! That place is very expensive, and if you're not crazy about it, it's going to be a waste of a lot of money.

    Here are some of my suggestions for places that may work better for you. They are unfortunately few and far between in New Jersey, where the ornate ballroom dominates.

    Some of the venues with Manhattan views have a modern aesthetic (Liberty House, the newly opened Maritime Parc, the W in Hoboken, possibly Waterside Restaurant).

    Stirling Ridge gets mixed reviews, but it has the look.

    Orange Lawn Tennis Club's ballroom is simple enough to carry out almost any theme.

    Montclair Art Museum could be fantastic if you're willing to do more legwork with hiring outside catering and furniture/linen rentals.

    And I think one of Westmount's ballrooms has a more contemporary look.
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    I agree with the others.

    I mean, you can do whatever you want in a ballroom, and some more modern looking stuff would look fine -- but in a lot of places it wouldn't have much of an impact and you'd end up with the ballroom's decor being the predominant decor either way.

    We knew that the look we wanted wouldn't fit with traditional reception hall its carpet, wallpaper, chandeliers, and other ornamentations, so we quickly ruled out those venues (and a lot of non-traditional venues with the same kind of look) and went with a location that was more of a clean slate that we could do whatever we wanted with.
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    we seem to have similar tastes we looked at around 30 halls to try and find something more modern and our style
    some of the place we looked at that had a more modern feel were:
    morristown hyatt - the hotel itself was very modern and the room kept up
    the westmount country club
    the stone house
    liberty house - the upstairs room i think is modern the rest not so much in my opinion

    We ended up with at the imperia - the lobby is very modern and the pre-event area for our room, the room itself is on the border I think but it had some other stuff we really wanted and couldn't find elsewhere (outdoor ceremony)

    As for the decor we are keeping it simple we have lighting, modern centerpieces and linens, we also designed all of our own paper products (FI is a graphic designer) 
    If you have any other questions or want to see some of our ideas feel free to ask
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    We like the 'modern' look as well and ended up in the Continental Room at the Westmount. We really fell in love with the wall of windows (we're going to have our ceremony there as well) . The cocktail room felt more like a swanky lounge than a reception hall.. Originally we wanted Stone House but we heard some terrible reviews of it so we cancelled our appointment...
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