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any experience w/ summer camp weddings?

I'm in the very beginning stages of planning a wedding. My fiance and I are very interested in renting out a summer camp in the off season for an entire weekend. We live in Asheville so there are plenty of options here in Western NC. We envision it being a weekend of bonfires, swimming in the lake, and hiking! Has any one pulled off a successful yet cheap summer camp wedding?

The more research I do I am realizing it may be out of our price range. My favorite camp that we have seen charges $5,000 for the entire wedding. This is more than we want to pay, but it does include access to a barn, mess hall, kitchen, chapel, and cabins to accommodate all of our guests.

Is it tacky to ask guests to pay a small fee (maybe $10 a night) to use the cabins? I'm not sure if the camp will collect the fee (I still need to ask) because we would have already paid to use them. So we might have to collect the money ourselves. Is there a tasteful way to ask?

Any suggestions about camp weddings would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: any experience w/ summer camp weddings?

  • II'd love to know more about the camp, and how you found camps that will accomodate weddings. In my opinion, guests would expect to pay something for lodging, and I would think that the camp could collect for you when the guests check in/pick up keys.

    A suggestion for wording:
    Onsite lodging in cabins is available @ $10 per night per person.
    Please indicate the number of people you wish to reserve lodging for _______
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