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New Jersey

What to get BMs and MOH as gifts?

I'm not sure what to get them... I've looked at jewlery but i'm not a big fan of anything i've seen so far. I don't really want to get them a monogramed bag, so i'm stuck and with no other ideas.

Re: What to get BMs and MOH as gifts?

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    I got one of my BMs a coach purse.  Other than that I havent figured anything out.  I am trying to find something for each one that fits their personalities so each one is getting something different.  I thought of getting my other bridesmaid a flip camera but it is a bit above my budget.  I would say you should try to think of what you would get them for their bday and do the same sort of thing. 
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    Remember that they don't need to get the same thing, and the gifts shouldn't be themed around your wedding. Don't worry about getting them "typical bridesmaid gifts" ... shop as if it were their birthdays or Christmas. Or, if you knew that they had some money burning a hole in their pockets, what would they spend it on?

    I got my MOH an everyday tote bag from Etsy in a design she'll hopefully like; a Coach makeup bag from the outlet store; and a vegetarian cookbook. I got my BM an everyday tote designed by Gwen Stefani (she loves Gwen) and a Gwen makeup bag; a book; and a librarian-related thing. I also put in about $30 each toward their dresses. I will probably get them gift cards later on (maybe $25 apiece), and I'm looking for zip-up hoodies that they can wear to get ready if they want (I will not monogram them, since they don't wear monogrammed stuff).  I've seen a lot of good stuff in Marshall's, Etsy.com, Amazon.com and Christmas Tree Shop.

    I'm also looking for basic black evening clutches and will likely get them pashminas from the NYC street vendors. I am also hoping that I can contribute toward their hair and makeup, since they elected to have it done. But since that's for my wedding then I don't want that to be the main gift.
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    What do they like?  There are a lot of things out there that aren't jewelry or monogrammed bags.  My bridesmaids are very preppy, so I did get them monogrammed stuff, but not bags.  I gave them their gifts at my bachelorette party in Miami, so I put a few travel/beach-related things in there.  I got them personalized stationery (from Minnie and Emma, but there are lots of cool stationers out there), monogrammed towels (from Land's End), Hermes pocket squares (can be tied in hair as bandanas, worn around wrist, tied around strap of a handbag, etc.), Bliss travel sets, and wet bikini bags.  The stationery, pocket squares and towels came in all sorts of color and style combos, so I was able to pick ones that I thought each girl would like -- nobody got the same stuff.

    All of this really depends on your bridal party though.  What one girl here may like your friends may hate.  I'd stay away from things that are specific to your wedding (jewelry to wear with the dress, pashminas in your wedding colors, "bridesmaid" tanks) unless you're going to get them other stuff that is for them.  I don't think it is much of a gift to give them stuff that you want them to have for wedding-day photo ops.

    And as others have pointed out, you don't have to get them all the same things.
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    Today is a GREAT day to buy stuff online. Kate Spade is having an extra 25% off its sale items with free shipping. Smart bargains has great deals on jewelry and little clutch handbags or small leather goods. Ice.com is having blowout sale prices

    I got them Akoya Pearl Earrings and an LLbean tote bag with flip flops and travel makeup brushes. Also paid for their hair (which wasnt part of their gift)
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    I did a necklace, coach bag, and had their makeup paid for.

    my moh i put a payment down on a cruise that we went on and a necklace.
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    So far I got them each a clutch, PJ's and pashimas.  The rest of the items will be geared towards things they like and not the same for each girl.  For example, I've gotten my MOH oscar blandi dry shampoo and Channel mascara.
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    In addition to the tradition BM paraphernalia (jewelry, pashmina, manicures & pedicures) I got my girls a pair of suede coach gloves as their gift.
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    I agree it doesn't have to be the typical gift and it does depend on your bridal party. I was thinking of getting them all a SpaFinder gift card, makeup bags, stationery, and a little something different for each girl.
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    I got my girls a large LL Bean tote bag with their names on it, a Vera Bradley jewelery case (one of my personal favorite items I have), and a pashmina.
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