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Wedding venue drama.

Ok, So far I have been doing well with dealing with the stress of planning our wedding. We were going to originally get married in somewhere changed it due to money. Well We decided our neighbors nice backyard (they offered it to us). Ok we have been tryign to find a time to meet etc thats good for us and them well, they calll me friday and say hey can we meet. I said sure, I HAVE TO MAKE THE DEPOSIT FOR TEH RENTAL ITEMS they said ok great come see us around 6.  
Now from this point everything is great going ok they are fine etc. I make the deposit and then go see them. They made it a point to say hey we dont want anyone in our house or it is a deal breaker. I totally agree and tell them that's fine I rented restroom trailers so you don't have to worry about anyone going in your house. They didn't seem like to thrilled about the whole thing. 
They tell me to meet them again tomorrow around 2. Ok I wait and am about to head over well she calls and says hey I have to run a errand will call back around 3:30. 3:30 rolls around no call, 4:30, 5:30, finally at 6:30 she sends me a message saying hey sorry we never met up but Maria* ( name changed) had to babysit all day can you meet us tomorrow. I reply back sorry I am in Denver for the day. She then replies All Day?? 

So needless to say they backed out on us and our wedding is in April. Why couldn't they tell us before we made the deposit.  Now we have to find a new venue that has our date available and is in budget. So stressed. Not a good weekend at all. 

Luckily the rental place gave us part of our deposit back instead of none. 

Sorry for venting.

Re: Wedding venue drama.

  • Adriane - have you looked into local parks and rec?  I know Jetton Park has some nice spots available and I think they're fairly inexpensive.
  • Yea, We have but parks and rec hasnt called or emailed us back. :( 
  • Jerks.

    Have you tried Iredell/Mooresville?  I think there might be a waterfront spot or two in Lake Norman State Park and that's really not THAT much further north than Jetton... maybe 25 minutes?
  • MrsNerraw13MrsNerraw13 member
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    We are going to look at a country club on Saturday. They have our date available and do everything so I wont worry about having to find things etc. I was so mad that I had put the deposit down for rental items and the neighbors backed out. But I was able to get part of the deposit back which is great! 
  • Try Charles Mack citizens center. Stephanie is great and very cost effective.
  • Have you looked at Carrigan Farms? They would require restroom trailers to be rented as well so It would make sense for your issue.
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