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Fun BRIDE gifts for shower

I am a BM in my friends wedding coming up and we want to get her some fun bride type of things - you know the usual hanger with her name, the robe, etc. - in addition to her main gifts. Any suggestions for things you received that you really loved?  I got a couple of different things but am looking for other ideas so she doesn't get exactly what she gave me. Thanks!
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Re: Fun BRIDE gifts for shower

  • I went to a shower once were the bridesmaids did the things you mentioned and put together a basket for the wedding night. It had some glasses, champagne, their favorite snacks, water etc. for the bride and groom, as well as a sexy nightgown for the honeymoon. 
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  • Someone got me a personalized return address stamp. It had my soon to be married name listed as "The Smith Family", our mailing address and then below it, a picture of a mom, dad, daughter, dog and 3 cats to symbolize everyone in our household. I think it was from Personalization It made me cry becuase it was the MOST thoughtful thing i recieved.
  • My gf did this for my bridal shower two weeks ago....everyone got a kick out of it.

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  • One of my gifts from my bridesmaids was a wine basket and bottle had a card/poem attached to it for all our "firsts" as a married couple. At the shower, each of them read a poem in front of everyone as they presented it to me. I loved it! Some of them were first anniversary, first fight, first dinner party, first baby, etc.... I'm not sure where they got the poems from, but I know it's def floating around pinterest - you could try there!

  • Just had my shower this past Sunday and my mother did an amazing job she asked all of my aunts I have a lot lol but you can have the bridesmaids do it anyway she asked everyone to decorate a wine bottle and theme it to a holiday or special occasion... Ex: Christmas was a wine bottle in a stocking, mardi GRAS was decorated with a mask and beads... It was so cute and she had them on display at the shower... The bride groom are to use the wine bottles on each occasion.. Oh also a wedding day bottle 25th anniversary bottle were a hit too!! Hope this helps!!
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