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What to pack for the day of?

I am putting together my survival pack for the day of stuff to have on hand.  Other than obvious things of deodorant, toothbrush, comfy shoes, sewing kit, what else would the MGs suggest to have handy throughout the day?
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Re: What to pack for the day of?

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    Stain remover wipes, hairspray, lip gloss or lipstick (you'll prob want to reapply), tissues, a fe extra bobby pins. Also, my hair is curly and was blown out for the wedding, but around midway through the reception when it started getting hot (from dancing and hugging everyone) the front of my hair started to curl, so I wish I would have brought the flat iron with me for a quick touch up.
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    Bandaids for blisters! You will get them no matter how comfortable you think your shoes are. 

    Hairspray, bobby pins and lipstick are good ones.  Safety pins for the bustle in case it falls. 

    If you travel a lot and have a travel toiletry kit, bring it along... I found it to be helpful as it had toothbrush, toothpaste, ibuprofin, etc. already inside.  I brought my curling iron too but didn't use it (but one of my BMs did). 

    A pair of scissors (we used these)
    An extra mirror to see the back of your hair

    Agu101... I can't believe your wedding is here!!!!  Best of luck!!!

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    I brought an overnight bag for the hotel with me that had my toothbrush and stuff but I was way too busy to think about brushing my teeth.  My bridal attendant had anything my bridesmaids seemed to need.  I know it's risky not to bring an emergency kit but if your venue is the kind of place to have everything, I wouldn't really bring anything.  The extra shoes are a good suggestion though.
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    I brought everything that was mentioned above, and ended up using absolutely nothing.  So my suggestion would be bring what you can, and don't stress over it.  
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