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Daniel Lee Video/ My Cinematic Wedding

Who is better? Has anyone used either of them? 

Does anyone have Daniel Lee's contact info. The website is not working so well for me and I would like to email him to see if he can send us a sample.


Re: Daniel Lee Video/ My Cinematic Wedding

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    I met with Daniel and he was really nice.  By the time I added on raw video and bridal prep, his price was above the videographer that worked with my photographer so I passed.  The only issue was he keeps on e-mailing me even when I didn't respond.  Here's his email : DanielLeevideo   at       gmail     dot   com
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    I used Daniel Lee Video and was very happy day of with their service and their professionalism.  He is waiting on some things from me still before he finishes our video, so I can't speak to the final product yet.

    Kristen - he's probably still emailing you to see if you want him to hold the date before he gives it to someone else. A lot of vendors do this as to not disappoint the first person they met with, etc.  Just email him back and let him know that you've decided to go with someone else and he'll stop emailing you.
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    I think you are talking about YOUR cinematic wedding and I am using them.  Seem very professional yet simple/unobtrusive.  I really liked the style of the clips I have seen on his website.  They are also very reasonably priced.

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    I was debating between these 2 as well. I ultimately went with Your Cinematic Wedding as well.

    We should get our video later this month, so I can't give a review yet. But I can tell you why  we made the decision: We asked both for sample videos we could view, and the Daniel Lee Videos were VERY uneven. We saw three of them -- one was quite good, one was OK, and one was pretty terrible. They looked like they came from completely different production teams. I'm not sure what happened there, but it was enough to deter us.

    Good luck =)
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