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This was basically so I could ask you if you ended up in the Cape after your wedding at all  :D Did you go away for a couple days? I feel as though you of all people deserve it.

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    Hey :)

    We wound up going to Lake George from Sunday-Tuesday after our wedding. We were there a few summers ago and liked it, so we decided to go back for the honeymoon. It was like pulling teeth to get DH to agree on a place to go (I looked into Maine, Cape Cod, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, the Poconos, and he kept waffling on all of those), so once he finally said, "Hey, this place in Lake George looks nice," I was like, "YES, BOOK IT, GO, NOW NOW NOW!!!" Laughing

    We lucked out with some amazing weather and we really had a nice, relaxing time. The place where we stayed was really comfy and pretty (signature pic is the view from our room) and we took a day trip to Lake Placid the second day we were there.

    We only stayed two nights but it was very refreshing. We took that Wednesday off work, too, and relaxed at home for a while and then spent some time with some friends that evening, and went back to work on Thursday. We laid low for this trip because we're planning an Ireland/London trip in July, so we wanted to save some money and my vacation time.

    Thanks for asking! :)

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    That's awesome! Good to hear!  Glad you had a day or two just to relax with one another :)
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