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What Did You Forget?

I'm leaving on Thursday morning and I think I have everything pretty well in hand. But, I know I'm probably forgetting something obvious. Laughing

So... what did you forget?

I haven't paniced yet, but the wedding dreams have gotten weirder and weirder! Only a couple more days to go!

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Re: What Did You Forget?

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    I had horrible wedding dreams the night before the wedding when I was in las vegas! I hardly slept at all! So with that in mind, you might want to pack a tylenol PM! :p

    I think we actually remembered everything! Shocking!

    Do you have smaller bills for tips?
    Did you send emails/phone calls confirming with all your vendors?
    Print off receipts/confirmations?

    I brought along a folder with all of my vendor phone numbers, confirmations, checkbook, envelopes for cash, etc.

    YAY for you! Can't wait to hear all about it!

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    aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    Definitely make sure you have cash for tips.  We were there for six days, and we spent something like $200 in tips alone.  Also, chargers for any electronics, and extra batteries.
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    zitiqueenzitiqueen member
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    My phone charger. Thankfully at the time my niece had the same phone so I could use hers.

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    We are leaving in 12 hours and I still feel like I am forgeting something.  We are going to be gone for 2 weeks.
    My #1. Rings, I kept trying to forget them.  I'd get up to go get them, remember something else, grab that and forget the rings.  Repeat process at least 6 times.

    We are only bringing about 50 in small bills 1's through 10's, should get us to our hotel just fine.  When we get there, there are cashies all over that can and will break down large bills.
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