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The ULTIMATE Wedding Poll with Photos!

Right, we have lots of new brides and lots of brides without bios and I find it hard to keep track of everyone, so I am posting this thread. Plus, we all love any excuse to show off about our plans...!

Post as many comments with pics as you can - and if you have not finlised an aspect of your wedding, then post your current inspiration photo.

Wedding Date:
Wedding colours/theme:
Number of Guests:
Ceremony Venue:
Reception Venue:
No. of Attendants:
Your Dress:
Groom/smen Outfit:
Bridesmaid Dress:
Transport Vendor:
Ceremony Music:
Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers:
Vegas Accommodation:

and a bonus question:  Post a pic of you and FI...!

Re: The ULTIMATE Wedding Poll with Photos!

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    Wedding Date: 5/21/2011
    Wedding colours/theme: white/black/classic
    Number of Guests: 60-80
    Ceremony Venue: Caesars Palace Classico Chapel
    Reception Venue: Maggianos
    No. of Attendants: 6
    Your Dress: La Sposa/Deversa style
    Groom/smen Outfit: He still needs to pick it out!
    Bridesmaid Dress: Calvin Klein pleated satin sheath dress
    Stationery: cardsandpockets for the invites/vistaprint magnets for the STD (below)
    Transport Vendor: BellsTran
    Photographer: Jill Jennings/Highland Photography after ceremony (Cashman during)
    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Francesca Lombardo (makeup)/One of my BM is doing my hair
    Cake: Creations Bakery (Maggianos preferred vendor) See below
    Flowers/Bouquet: See below- Anemones/Roses/etc
    Ceremony Music: TBD
    Favours: TBD (Playing Cards??)
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: We are having an engagement party when we go back to MN where our family and friends live this December over holiday. Bachelorette party will be hosted that Thursday in Vegas- going to get table service at X-S @ Encore! Welcome party Friday afternoon is a two hour tour of the strip for everyone on the double decker bus, then Friday night I am hosting the grooms dinner at Tao which is a group of about 30. No shower planned since I live out of town from all my guests.
    Vegas Accommodation:Bellagio on Thur/Fri...Caesars Sat/Sun (included in our ceremony package)
    Honeymoon: Rome/Paris/Madrid in September 2011

    and a bonus question:  Post a pic of you and FI...! View our engagement slideshow (had to share this, she did an amazing job)

    (altering the strap off (its hidden under my arm in this picture) and creating a sweetheart neckline with my dress to match my BM sweetheart neckline)

     smaller though (2-3 teirs only)
    If the cake/bouquets were yours or you know who they belong to, let me know!
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      I'm going to cheat, see pics in my bio!

    Wedding Date: 15 Jan 11
    Wedding colours/theme: Plum/Purple and Gold & Peacock feathers
    Number of Guests: Invited 60, expecting 20-30
    Ceremony Venue: Chapel of the Flowers
    Reception Venue: Lawry's the Prime Rib restaurant
    No. of Attendants: 0
    Your Dress: Maggie Sottero-Scarlet
    Groom/smen Outfit: Military Dress Uniform
    Bridesmaid Dress: N/A
    Stationery: DIY
    Transport Vendor: Not booked yet
    Photographer: Todd Wilson
    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Francesca Lombardo
    Cake: Aracelli Zea
    Flowers/Bouquet: The Palette
    Ceremony Music: Not sure yet
    Favours: Chocolates or candied pecans or Krispy Kreme donuts!
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: Welcome dinner-Not booked yet, no shower
    Vegas Accommodation: Planet Hollywood
    Honeymoon: Fiji

    Check my bio for pictures
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    Wedding Date: 22 March 2011

    Wedding colours/theme: No theme, just lots of things that we love. Main colours are fuschia pink / bright green / tropical orange!

    Number of Guests: We currently have 24 booked and confirmed, but it may be up to 30.

    Ceremony Venue:  Chapel of the Flowers, in their Glass Garden. We also have the Victorian Chapel reserved in case of rain.

    Reception Venue: 
    Little Buddha in the Palms. We are having a 3 course meal with 2 hour open bar for $115/head including taxes and gratuity. They serve Pan Asian fusion food and sushi, garnished with orchids and it all looks so pretty!

    No. of Attendants: One MOH and one Best Man plus two groomsmen.

    Your Dress: I absolutely love my dress! It is not a wedding dress, but when I spotted it (before FI popped the question!) I knew it was The One. I also have my shoes and clutch:

    Groom/smen Outfit: FI tried on suits last weekend - here is what we have ordered! All the boys are wearing black shirts, black waitcoats and grey suits. FI has a fuschia pink tie and the others have bright orange ties.

    Bridesmaid Dress: It has been tricky to find something in the right colours, but I think we have settled on this Alfred Angelo number. It is a bit over budget, but needs must...

    Stationery: This was really important to me, as lots of people would be unable to attend and this would be their only memento. I sent out Save the Date cards:

    ...and the matching invitations were sent this weekend:

    Transport Vendor: We have rented the Big Blue Limo from NTS Services. It holds up to 45 and is absolutely amazing!

    Photographer: Todd from Bently & Wilson

    Make-Up/Hairdresser: I have booked the Glamsquad to work on me, my MOH and our friend who is doing a ceremony reading. I am having airbrush make-up, flase eyelashes and I am really undecided aout how to have my hair.

    Cake: Just about to confirm with Dawn at LV Cake Designs. This little beauty but in our colours - I was worried it would look garish but Dawn thinks it will look great. It feeds 50 and is costing $425 including speciality flavours and delivery:

    Flowers/Bouquet: The chapel is under very strict orders with these - I am worried, because a lot of the floral designs on their website look old-fashioned and a bit chintzy. I am having a 24-rose bouquet with no greenery and hand-wrapped stems. My bridesmaid is having the same, but in cream:

    All the boys are having cream rose buttonholes and the mothers are having cream pin-on corsages.

    Ceremony Music: Entering to At Last by Etta James. Walking out to You've Got the Love by Candi Staton.

    Favours: Pink and orange fortune cookies from :

    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: It is all being held in Vegas - we have a Welcome Dinner at Yolos on day 1, day 2 we have our seperate Bachelor/ette Nights and day 3 is the wedding. FI is under strict no-hangover instructions!

    Vegas Accommodation: We are staying at the Encore for 5 nights in a resort suite room.

    Honeymoon: After our wedding, we are doing a roadtrip to L.A with our parents and siblings (my family lives in Australia, FI's in the UK so it will be good to spend some time together). Then we are flying to Cancun for 8 nights of luxury at Secrets Silversands - I cannot wait for this!

    Post a pic of you and FI...! This is my current Facebook profile pic, taken in Portugal last month:

    (not uploading, will be back when it works!)
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    Wedding Date: Valentines Day!!!  2/14/2011

    Wedding colours/theme: Red. black and white.

    Number of Guests: About 8-10

    Ceremony Venue: The Chapel of Flowers, in The Magnolia Chapel.

    Reception Venue: We're not going to do a private room reception or anything, because of our small party, so we'll just do a regular reservation as we would any other time. Still undecided between:

      Lawry's Prime Rib     or


    No. of Attendants: None

    Your Dress:  I am so in love with both my dress and shoes. I knew since the day me and my FI started planning our wedding that I would have no other color wedding shoes but red, and that's exactly what I got. My dress, my dress, my dress, I was about to purchase another gown prior to purchasing this gown but for some reason I couldn't go without checking out this boutique near my house, and when I got there, this dress was the first and last dress I tried on.

    Groom/smen Outfit: The groom will wear a suit like this but with a white suit jacket instead of black.

    Bridesmaid Dress: None

    Stationery: None

    Transport Vendor: Transportation included with chapel package.

    Photographer: One of the many talented Chapel of Flowers photographers.

    Make-Up/Hairdresser:  Amelia C

    Cake:  Aracelli Zea; This is the cake we'll have but with a red flower instead.

    Flowers/Bouquet: My bouquet will be something like this one, but with a variety of all red flowers with the black ostrich feathers.

    Ceremony Music: I will walk down to Jennifer Hudson - "Giving Myself"

    Favours: Haven't given this any thought, don't know if we'll have any favours.

    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: None

    Vegas Accommodation: We'll be staying at The Vdara for 5 nights.

    Honeymoon: We're calling our trip to Vegas our "Wedding moon" because this is where we'll be getting married and beginning our honeymoon. We'll end our honeymoon in Pocono Palace Resort, in Pennsylvania (in Agust 2011).

    pregnancy due date Baby Slings at Nurtured Family
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    Wedding Date: May 13th
    Wedding colours/theme: Pink and Black
    Number of Guests: 50 in Vegas
    Ceremony Venue: Flamingo
    Reception Venue: Unsure/Possibly the double decker bus
    No. of Attendants: 12
    Your Dress: DB 9V9743
    Groom/smen Outfit: Black pants, black shirt, pink tie, pink chucks
    Bridesmaid Dress: DB F13722
    Transport Vendor: Unsure
    Photographer: Whoever the Flamingo uses
    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Glamsquad
    Cake: Unsure
    Flowers/Bouquet: Whatever comes with the Flamingo package.
    Ceremony Music: Unsure
    Favours: Unsure
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: Unsure
    Vegas Accommodation: Flamingo
    Honeymoon: 6 months later to Mexico, and then hopefully Vegas for New Years
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    So after doing this questioner I realized that I have done nothing!! I guess I need to start preparing for the smaller details!!

    Wedding Date: June 18, 2011
    Wedding colours/theme: Turquoise, Black, and White
    Number of Guests: 70-85
    Ceremony Venue: Mandalay Bay
    Reception Venue: Maggianos
    No. of Attendants: Still waiting
    Your Dress: Don't have one yet
    Groom/smen Outfit: Black tux, with turqouise tie.
    Bridesmaid Dress: Going in December since one lives 2 hours away from San Diego and the other lives in Guam and everyone will be here during Christmas.
    Stationery: In the process
    Transport Vendor: In the process
    Photographer: Looking around
    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Glamsquad
    Cake: Cake Creation
    Flowers/Bouquet: Not sure
    Ceremony Music: Not sure
    Favours: Don't think we will have one
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: I'm having a Bridal show hosted by my mom and grandma. Then a Bachelorett party hosted by my maid of honor and bridesmaid.
    Vegas Accommodation: Not sure
    Honeymoon: Cruise to the Bahamas since I will be moving to Jacksonville, FL after we get married.
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    You will have to wait about 26 days for some pictures.

    Wedding Date: November 30th, 2010 (26 more days)
    Wedding colours/theme: Pinks
    Number of Guests: 19
    Ceremony Venue:  Terrazza, Bellagio
    Reception Venue:  Maggiano's
    No. of Attendants: 4 Groomsmens & 4 Bridesmaids (not by choice, wanted less)
    Your Dress:  Maggie Sottero, Dominique
    Groom/smen Outfit: A tux I hope.  LOL
    Bridesmaid Dress: Watermelon color strapless short dresses
    Stationery:  Word of mouth for Vegas, for save the date's AHR, Invites for the AHR TBD it's in March. 
    Transport Vendor: TBD
    Photographer: Just Cashman.  Todd wasn't available and I didn't want anybody other then him.
    Make-Up/Hairdresser:  I am doing my own make-up (used to do it pro) and Amelia C for hair.
    Cake: I hate cake, dessert is included in our reception package.
    Flowers/Bouquet: Cascade Roses
    Ceremony Music: TBD
    Favours: None, maybe at AHR
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: Our friends threw us a couples shower, My cousins threw me another shower for family, I declined a bachelorette party at home because past behavior previous ones LOL.  We are in the process of throwing a low key girls night in Vegas for 4.
    Vegas Accommodation:  Bellagio
    Honeymoon:  We are going to be taking a ski trip for a week at one of the large resorts back home.  We both love to ski.
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    Wedding Date: 2/12/2011
    Wedding colours/theme: Espresso brown, bright orange, and lime green
    Number of Guests:75 (approximately)
    Ceremony Venue: Wynn- Lilac Chapel
    Reception Venue: Lawry's for lunch then we are hosting a open bar reception for family. attendants. and close friends at Kahunaville 
    No. of Attendants: 6 on each side (I have 4 sisters....)
    Your Dress: A mori lee I found on sale for $99 and I am having it customized..
    Groom/smen Outfit: TBD this weekend
    Bridesmaid Dress: They are alll alfred angelo dresses in espresso brown..I let the girls decide thier dress since my girls range in size from 2-18
    Stationery: Done by a close friend as my wedding present
    Transport Vendor: Double Decker Bus
    Photographer: Mike L
    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Francesca Lombardo
    Cake: N/A- dessert is included with our meal at Lawry's
    Flowers/Bouquet: Wynn
    Ceremony Music: TBD
    Favours: poker chips with our name and date tied to a deck of cards from a casino in vegas
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers:I've already had 2 showers (one where my FI and I live and one in my hometown), they are throwing me one at work, and we are doing a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas.
    Vegas Accommodation: Encore Tower Suite
    Honeymoon: TBD, we are thinking Washington/Oregon/Cali wine country or we may wait and go to hawaii at a later date .
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    Super Poll, yay!
    Wedding Date: June 7th 2011

    Wedding colours/theme: white and gold with a touch of turquoise

    Number of Guests: No more than 20 invited, don't know how many attending

    Ceremony Venue: Lilac Salon at Wynn:
    Reception Venue: Salon suite:
    No. of Attendants: none

    Your Dress: don't have it yet, I'm adding pix of dresses I'm drooling over O_o:

    Groom/smen Outfit: He hasn't picked it yet, I know he wants it ivory/cream

    Bridesmaid Dress: n/a

    Stationery: Cards and Pockets (inspiration):

    Transport Vendor: n/a

    : Cashman, until I change my mind again. 4hr video/photo package

    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Haven't decided yet.  These are my 
    hair/make up inspirations:
    Cake: This is our gorgeous cake! (only the two top tiers):

    Flowers/Bouquet: My bouquet will be all pink roses. More or less like this one but with bright pink roses:

    Ceremony Music: I'll enter with At Last and we'll leave with The Arrival Of Queen of Sheba by Handel

    Favours: Confetti from Italy with personalized ribbon:

    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: No parties but we're going to see a show for sure, Cirque or maybe Le Reve

    Vegas Accommodation: Wynn/Encore

    Honeymoon: Two heavenly weeks  at Sandals Emerald Bay!!! 

    Wedding bands are more or less like these but all in gold:

    Something blue idea:

    Shoes inspiration:

    And this is us in stage costumes ^_^  mind you, FI is wearing make up, he's not usually that tanned and bearded LOL
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    Wedding Date:  5/19/2010
    Number of Guests: 2
    Ceremony Venue: Chapel of the Flowers, Victorian Chapel
    Reception Venue: Top of the World at the Stratosphere
    Your Dress: Both dresses from David's Bridal (photos in bio)
    Transport Vendor: Chapel of the Flowers and Presidential Limo
    Photographer: Chapel of the Flowers provided us with 2 photographers: Megan & Julian. We used Todd for 3 hour photo tour after ceremony.
    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Esther from Glamsquad
    Flowers/Bouquet: Hand tied bouquet of pink roses with white orchids & white freesia from Chapel florist.
    Ceremony Music: Jesu joy of man's desiring
    Vegas Accommodation:  Wyndham Grand Desert condos
    Honeymoon: spent a few days in LV, but going to Beach Palace in Cancun in Dec for "official" HM. 

    Lots of pics of ceremony & photo tour in my bio.
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    Forgot something!

    These are the options for the celebration in Rome:
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    @ Wiwi - Great photos, thanks for sharing! The Salon Suite is in the Wynn, isn't it... are you using the in-house catering?

    @ Formerlymeowmeow - 'I hate cake'.... Surprised

    @ kteel717 - I really want to have my Bachelorette Party at XS... do you have information on their bottle service prices? How are you organising it?

    @ sdb0611 - I love your shoes, they are fabulous!
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    Gribbles- my sister (MOH) will be organizing the details when it gets closer so I am not sure of bottle pricing, but usually its $200+ per bottle and you need a couple of them if you want VIP and have more then 4 people.

    My FI was just there for his best friends bachelor party and they all highly recommended it. Said it was the most fun/coolest nightclub scene they have been to in a long time and the staff was very nice!
    Tryst also looks super cool. So many things to see/do- so little time!

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    Wedding Date: April 10, 2011
    Wedding colours/theme: Teal, Silver & Fuschia
    Number of Guests: 50-75
    Ceremony Venue: Beach at Mandalay Bay
    Reception Venue: Bayside Buffet @ MB, then THE L Suite
    No. of Attendants: 4
    Your Dress: Sorry, I can't say b/c my FI can log in here
    Groom/smen Outfit: Grey tux, ivory shirt, black vest & tie
    Bridesmaid Dress:
        #1590 in teal taffeta
    Stationery:Customized online from Zazzle
    Transport Vendor: Just got ideas yesterday from some brides here so it isn't booked yet but probably Bell Trans
    Photographer: Cashman for ceremony & a friend for the rest
    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Maggie, referred by a family friend who lives in Vegas
    Cake: No cake... the desserts at the buffet are beautiful and taste awesome so we decided against it. People will be full so we don't want to spend the money on a cake that won't get eaten.
    Flowers/Bouquet: From MB... White roses, fuschia gerber daisies and blue dendrobium orchids.  BM bouquets are just the gerbers and GM bouts are just the orchids.
    Ceremony Music: "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" for the BM entrance, "Canon in D" for my entrance and "Now That We've Found Love" for the Recessional
    Favours: Personalized Vegas chocolate bars
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: Not sure yet what my MOH is planning
    Vegas Accommodation: THE Hotel
    Honeymoon: Just spending a week in Vegas

    Sorry, can't copy the design from online so I had to take a picture with my phone of our STD and invitations.  The quality of the pic is crappy.

    imageBabyFruit Ticker
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    Thank, my pleasure! Yes, we're using their catering. I don't think they give you much of a choice ^_^
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    Wedding Date:  
    August 6, 2001

    Wedding colours/theme
    Colors: Blue and Pink

    Travel themed (we like to travel as do many of our friends so instead of doing a Vegas theme, we thought we'd bring in the fact that Vegas has the four corners of the world all in one spot! LOL)

    Number of Guests:
    50-60 (guest list still being complied)

    Ceremony Venue:
    Wynn Lilac Salon -- unless we go over 50 guests, then I guess I'll have to upgrade :-/

    Reception Venue:
    Maggiano's Calabria Rm

    No. of Attendants:
     6 girls, 6 guys (that is mostly my FI's doing...he has a big family and lots of good friends -- he wanted more, but I had to put the brakes on that! If it were up to me, it'd be 2 girls, 2 guys)

    Your Dress:

    Just ordered it last week, so no pics of me in it, yet

    Groom/smen Outfit:
    Brown or tan tux or suit...he hasn't decided if he wants to rent one or bring his own. But I love him in tan/brown suits and I specifically requested it Wink

    Bridesmaid Dress:
    Still trying to decide on that one

    I'm doing passport invitations for my guests. I thought it fit well with the travel theme and also, I figure with a more traditional invite, I'd have had to include lots of inserts anyway. Right now, I'm going with 4 page passports from The Stylish Scribe at a pretty good price. The photo below is from her's not of me and FI, but it's the one that really sold me on the passport invite idea. Sorry I can't make it bigger :-/

    Transport Vendor:
    My mom and dad's cadillac truck LOL! They live out in Vegas now, so we'll just be using their car to drive us around. That and/or various cabs as and if we need them. 

    *sigh* Cashman (that's an appropriate name for the company isn't it?)

    Still working on that one

    We're just going with the desert options at Maggiano's. We're both massive chocoholics anyway and that scrumptious chocolate cake on their menu is pretty close to what we would have had made anyway. I hope it is as good as it looks in the photos!

    Whatever Wynn gives me LOL! I think I've got 12 roses for the bridal bouquet. Not sure of the color. Was thinking of requesting pink for a bit of color, but at the end of the day, I don't much care. If it weren't included and if it wouldn't look weird if I didn't have one, I probably wouldn't have a bouquet! I'm also not adding any additional flowers to the chapel. Too expensive, and I hear it's nice enough as it is. 

    Ceremony Music:
     "So Amazing" by Luther Vandross. I love this song and the message has a special meaning to us as I moved to the UK to be with him :-) Not sure if I want to walk down the aisle to it or if it should be the first dance song though... HELP???!!!!

    I was thinking personalised luggage tags if we do favors. I can't afford the nice silver plated ones though, so I'm torn between not giving any at all or doing something like this:

    Only instead of our names, we'd put something like "Bon Voyage" so people will actually USE them! LOL

    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers:
    Not sure what we're doing before. But the day after the wedding, we're doing a BBQ at my parents' house (well, at the clubhouse in their community).

    Vegas Accommodation:
    Working on it. My folks are taking care of that (thank goodness!)

    On our 1 yr anniversary, we're going to spend a week in southern Italy (Amalfi, Capri, Pompeii). I love it there, and it's where he proposed  :-)

    This was a super fun poll...makes me wanna actually post a proper bio now...

    Pic of me and my Huney!

    Why so fuzzy? What gives? Oh well...  :-)
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    I have to say you ladies provide a lot of create ideas and information! Having said that I’ve changed my mind about 1 million times, so I have a lot of undecided areas J Wedding Date: 5/25/2011
    Wedding colors/theme: Purple/Black/Platinum
    Number of Guests: 25 or less
    Ceremony Venue: Mandalay Chapel
    Reception Venue: Maggianos or In-suite
    No. of Attendants: 0
    Your Dress: Undecided will start shopping in January
    Groom/smen Outfit: Black Tux with purple and black custom tie
    Stationery: Pocket Invitation from Esty vendor">
    Transport Vendor: Undecided         
    Photographer: Bentley and Wilson
    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Undecided
    Cake: Maggianos preferred vendor
    Flowers/Bouquet:  Maggianos preferred vendor: my vision of the tables in below
    Ceremony Music: hmmm good question
    Favours: Undecided
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: Welcome event at bowling alley at the Orleans Casino and Hotel
    Vegas Accommodation: Pre- Wedding Orleans, Post Wedding Mandalay Bay
    Honeymoon: Cruise in September

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    Wedding Date: 10/21/2011

    Wedding colours/theme: Fuschia and pewter w/pinks/purples/light green & yellow mixed in the boquets but main colors are fuschia & pewter:

    Number of Guests: We expect about 50,  but no more than 60! (worried about this)

    Ceremony Venue:  Flamingo, the gazebo location $860 for ceremony, outside vendor fees for florist and photographer, CD player.  Best deal I found to use outside vendors at a venue that is still nicer and outside!

    Reception Venue: Vista Suite (unless guest count changes that) w/Masterpiece whom we just booked:

    Menu is:  Bourbon Chicken, Crab Cakes, Mini-Sliders, Jack Daniels Meatballs, Brushetta, Cedar Plank Shrimp, rolls and butter.  We will also get a fruit tray and meat and crackers tray from Costco.

    No. of Attendants: 6 on each side

    Your Dress: It's a Priscilla of Boston - Love.  I bought it from another bride but it seriously is like brand new! 

    Groom/smen Outfit: Grey Suites w/skinny ties - not sure what color ties/vest, thinking black ties:

    Bridesmaid Dress: Jim Hjelm but in their platinum color (grey):

    Stationery:  Not sure yet, my mom and I will be doing all things paper, she used to sell invites etc. on Ebay.  For STD these are the two styles I'm thinking we'll try to copy:

    Transport Vendor:  Haven't decided on who yet, but we will have it.

    Photographer:  We booked Todd a few wks ago!

    Make-Up/Hairdresser:  2 of my BMs are hair stylists so they'll be doing hair.  Will prob. hire someone for makeup.  Hair I'll be doing, but not the flowers, prob. a vintage clip:

    Cake:  I'm doing a surprise Cake Boss type cake for FI including his favorite things, our dog, MN Twins, sports betting/horse racing from Gimme Some Sugar, inspiration pic:

    I then came across this cake, fell in love with it, so I may have GSS do a cakelet of it in grey and pink/rfuschia/black (oh and Previous Poster - I think you got this from me:)

    Flowers/Bouquet: My boquet will be just like this, BMs will be similar but smaller, we will be using The Pallette:

    Ceremony Music: I'll be walking down to Lost in this Moment by Big & Rich.  Unity candle will be to Oh by Dave Matthews and when everyone walks out it will be to Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band (we're huge DMB fans if you couldn't tell!)

    Favours:  We'll be doing a small welcome bag w/3 favors, giant oatmeal and chocolate cookies from Great Harvest Bread Company, Knot caramel and chocolate pretzels with tags that say "Jared and Sara tied the knot" and a CD:

    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers:  Will probably do a Meet & Greet, thinking Margaritaville maybe.

    Vegas Accommodation:  Mandalay Bay (Vista Thurs. & Fri., regular room other 2 nights)

    Honeymoon:  Hawaii!  I'm determined at least.

    Pic of us:

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    MizLynn- I freaking love, love, love, love the Allure 8526. It was one of my top picks for dresses. I bet you will look stunning!

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    Wedding Date:  Could be August 2011 or October or December 2011 or even Februray 2012
    Wedding colours/theme:  Do I need this?
    Number of Guests:  With "B list" we're looking at less than 100
    Ceremony Venue:  Maybe the Golden Nugget
    Reception Venue: Again the GN.
    No. of Attendants:  On my side, 3 BMs and 1 MOH unless any of them turn me down
    Your Dress: I plan to have one
    Groom/smen Outfit: I love that this is described as outfit.  Pants, hopefully.
    Bridesmaid Dress:  Most likely, whatever they have in black.  Or they can buy something.  I'm easy.
    Stationery: But I don't know yet.
    Transport Vendor:  The deuce?  who knows.
    Photographer:  ??
    Make-Up/Hairdresser:  ??
    Cake:  possibly
    Flowers/Bouquet:  only if it's free or included
    Ceremony Music: U2, Prince and maybe some Billy Joel
    Favours: NONE!!!
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: 
    God only know.
    Vegas Accommodation:  GN
    Honeymoon:  Bora Bora but after a year.  Not right after.

    and a bonus question:  Post a pic of you and FI...!

    This is minutes after our engagement on the eiffel tower.  just got the pics from a random stranger we met there.

    Now with more wedded bliss.

    I don't get married often, but when I do, I do it in Las Vegas.


    "Lvharpy could be your AE." - direy25
    "smokeybailey is the one shining beacon of light in this steaming turd of a thread." - daffodil_jill
    "The almighty smokeybailey has spoken." - some bitch on the Las Vegas board

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    Wedding Date: 21 Sept 2011
    Wedding colours/theme: Black, white and hot pink
    Number of Guests: 95 invited but only expecting 20-30! But budgeted for everyone
    Ceremony Venue: Las Vegas Sign by Elvis (yes we are that tacky vegas wedding couple!!!)
    Reception Venue: Studio B Buffett
    No. of Attendants: 3 BMs and 3 GM
    Your Dress: Very similar to this style but longer

    Groom/smen Outfit: Think 1950's rat pack. I particularly liked what Puck wore on glee when he did sammy davis jnr's lady is a tramp
    Bridesmaid Dress: From Target a bargain at $50 Black in colour and real 1950's look which will be teamed with those seamed stockings and 50's era shoes
    Stationery: We are making our own passport invitations but we ordered postcard save the dates from

    Transport Vendor: Not sure yet depends on guest numbers (lots of guests = double decker bus)
    Photographer: Todd Wilson from Bentley & Wilson
    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Francesa Lombardo- 1950's sty;e of course
    Cake: Will be from babycakes@ The M Resort but would like something like this

    Flowers/Bouquet: Hot pink roses like

    Ceremony Music: We get 3 songs by Elvis so one of them will definately be Viva Las Vegas and possibly love me tender? Suggestions welcomed
    Favours: It will either be none or a poker chip for one of the casinos. Im not a fan of favours I would rather use the $10pp to take everyone out for breakfast the day after.
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers:
    Hens/Bucks are planned for the Monday before the wedding but people will also be throwing us one at home. Kitchen Tea (Bridal Shower) is being thrown by my sister at home. We are planning a group trip to the Grand Canyon (since we are all tourists from o/s) and a meet and greet probably at a mexican
    Vegas Accommodation: Summer Bay Resort
    Honeymoon: Depending on the cheapest airfare deals we have 2 options- Hawaii or road trip from Las Vegas (2 cheapest airlines from Australia fly to either Hawaii or LAX)
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    GribblesGribbles member
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    MizLynn - where oh where did you find those luggage tags?! They are exactly what I have been trying to find without any luck...
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    Wedding Date:5/29/2011
    Wedding colours/theme:Gray & deep pink
    Number of Guests:15-20
    Ceremony Venue:Artisan
    Reception Venue:maggiano's
    No. of Attendants:6
    Your dress:ballroom style white
    Groom/smen Outfit:gray suit
    Bridesmaid Dress:deep pink
    Transport Vendor:not sure
    Photographer:D Tyler
    Make-Up/Hairdresser :not sure/MOH
    Cake:cup cake
    Flowers/Bouquet:BM will have white flowers ,I will have pink
    Ceremony Music:not sure
    Favours:key chains
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers:Pole dance lesson MOH is planning so this will be a surprise for me.
    Vegas Accommodation:MGM
    Honeymoon:Jamiaca Ocho Rios
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    MizLynnMizLynn member
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    @ JB: Thanks so much! I'm soooooper excited about it! :-) I initially wanted something less formal, but I just couldn't keep my eyes off it. 

    @ Gribbles: check out this link: 

    Not a bad price either! Let me know if you use them, how they turn out. I'm not sure if I want to use them or not. It would tie in nice with my theme, but I don't want to buy them if no one's going to use them...I've got time to decide though. :-)

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    GribblesGribbles member
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:91Discussion:04cb20b0-6e4a-4e75-83df-a4433a7300cePost:07574fa1-5490-4547-ace4-80b00237aba9">Re: The ULTIMATE Wedding Poll with Photos!</a>:
    [QUOTE] @ Gribbles: check out this link:  <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Not a bad price either! Let me know if you use them, how they turn out. I'm not sure if I want to use them or not. It would tie in nice with my theme, but I don't want to buy them if no one's going to use them...I've got time to decide though. :-) :-) MizLynn
    Posted by MizLynn[/QUOTE]

    I LOVE them, and they even have a Vegas option. Fab!
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    CesameseedCesameseed member
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    Wedding Date: 4/16/11
    Wedding colours/theme: royal blue, light blue, yellow; theme is springy/garden
    Number of Guests: 63 will be invited
    Ceremony Venue: The Grove
    Reception Venue: The Grove
    No. of Attendants: 1 each
    Your Dress: Mori Lee 6601
    Groom/smen Outfit: Black Suit
    Bridesmaid Dress: cobalt blue something (I'm letting her pick :)
    Stationery: my cousin's company
    Transport Vendor: not using anyone yet (i.e., my car)
    Photographer: lorenzfoto
    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Hairz Melinda
    Cake: cake couture (through The Grove, she used to be at Little Pastry Chef's but it looks like they closed)
    Flowers/Bouquet: Yellow Roses for the bouquets and snap dragons and mums for the centerpieces
    Ceremony Music: Good Vibrations mobile DJ's
    Favours: cookie pops in the shape of daisies in a flower pot with M&Ms in our colors around them.
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: I don't get any of the above :(
    Vegas Accommodation: my house?
    Honeymoon: no where so far :(

    and a bonus question:  Post a pic of you and FI...!

    This is my first post on the boards, but I haven't seen too many local girls on here.
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    crow99crow99 member
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    Wedding Date: 30th August 2011
    Wedding colours/theme: TBC
    Number of Guests: 8-15
    Ceremony Venue: Juno Garden, Ceasers Palace
    Reception Venue: Bayside Buffet @ MB, then THE L Suite
    No. of Attendants: 1
    Your Dress: Dress has been purchased but I've not seen it.
    Groom/smen Outfit: Black suit, white shirt, black tie or something similar from my current collection - all in Burberry
    Transport Vendor:
    Photographer: Looking at Todd or Mike
    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Glamsquad
    Ceremony Music:l
    Favours: Poker chips, matchboxes and dice
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers:
    Vegas Accommodation: One of Mirage/Planet Hollywood/Flamingo
    Honeymoon: Two week caribbean cruise from Miami
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    brook22brook22 member
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    Wedding Date: 4/15/11
    Wedding colours/theme: undecided
    Number of Guests: 20ish
    Ceremony Venue: Venus Garden, Ceasers Palace
    Reception Venue: Trevi Caesars
    No. of Attendants: 1
    Your Dress: Adorae Sottero 
    Groom/smen Outfit: Black suit, white shirt, black tie
    Stationery: casual/vista print
    Transport Vendor: were driving
    Photographer: bently & wilson
    Make-Up/Hairdresser: me
    Flowers/Bouquet: caesars bouquet and I'm diy candle centerpieces
    Ceremony Music:  ipod diy
    Favours: none
    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: leaving it up to my moh and besties. I'm sure they wont disapoint
    Vegas Accommodation: Caesars or Aria
    Honeymoon: Hawaii 

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    Wedding Date: 3/19/10
    Wedding colours/theme: black cherry, white, eggplant--theme was Rat Pack Vegas, but now it is more of an eclectic grouping of things we like
    Number of Guests: No more than 80! (Venue limit)
    Ceremony Venue: Platinum Hotel Rooftop/Misora Room

    Reception Venue: Same place

    No. of Attendants: 1 MOH 1 BM and my two sons as Ushers/Walking me down the aisle

    Your Dress:

    Groom/smen Outfit:

    Bridesmaid Dress:

    AMG Ink--Friend of a Friend designing and printing them for us, will post an update soon.

    Transport Vendor: None

    Photographer: Imagine Studios Doing wedding pictures, photo booth and engagement photos.  REALLY nice folks there!

    Make-Up/Hairdresser: Megan at Makeup in the 702 She is great!

    Cake: Freeds Bakery 

    Flowers/Bouquet: J and E Floral

    Ceremony Music/Reception Music: Kevin Cordova Dj's to You Really neat guy with great ideas!

    Favours: Personalized pint glasses with some goodies inside!

    Pre-Wedding Event plans, including Bachelorette Party / showers: TBD

    Vegas Accommodation: Platinum Hotel Princess Suite

    Honeymoon: London via Virgin Airlines

    and a bonus question:  Post a pic of you and FI...!

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