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Pimp your DJ!

Hello all!  We are on the hunt for a fabulous FUN DJ, so if you loved your DJ, please recommend him/her.  Likewise... if you hated your DJ, please post too... that way we know who to avoid!  Tongue out  

The recommeded DJ's from our venue are a little stuffy, and we are looking for someone that is going to provide a fun party, with lots of dancing.

Re: Pimp your DJ!

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    direy25direy25 member
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    Pure Energy - Anthony Johns.  I don't know what his prices are like because DJ services were included in our package, but he was fantastic!  We had the option of choosing him or Knight Sounds, but everyone I had talked to recommended Anthony so we went with him.  When we met up with him a few days before the wedding to go over our playlists, we knew we had made the right choice.

    Most people on the board have gone with All NIght Long and have had aweseome experiences with them too, but I always hope that maybe someone will check Anthony out!  :)

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    We had All Night Long - Lantz was our DJ, he definitely kept the party going. I loved every bit of the reception music he played!!!

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    i just booked my dj. SHE is amazing :) ( both her and her husband have been recommended and i love them both already! cant wait for the party!!
    i have heard all positives reviews for all the popular djs in vegas. Hopefully the one you pick will be great too. 
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